Kill The Laziness Seed Before It Grows

As a writer, I can attest to laziness being the main culprit behind my lack of productivity. Most pieces of writing advice I read say it’s imperative to write on a daily basis even if it’s nothing more than jotting down a few lines in a journal. But laziness holds me back from even doing that much some days.

Although my writing has been most affected, laziness has seeped into nearly every area of my life. Sometimes I’m too lazy to pray, exercise, or iron my clothes.

I must get this monkey off my back. Success won’t just fall into my lap. My book will never be written until I put in the work. My coworkers and family members won’t be blessed until I put in the time to pray for them.

For any readers going through a similar scenario, I encourage you to kill the laziness seed before it grows any further. Determine what mental and spiritual roadblocks are hindering you from living a productive life and cut them off at the root.

There are people in your world who need to see your greatness and your laziness robs both them and you.


I know you read it, now prove it!

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