The Man I Want To Be


In case you don’t notice the uncanny resemblance, they man I’m pictured beside in the above photo is my father. His name is Ricky Dove.

This picture was taken moments before my wedding.

By our very nature, we share a lot of similarities. But we’re also two entirely different people. Several of my dad’s characteristics did not pass down to me.

He’s an avid outdoorsman, while I don’t enjoy being outside for long periods of time. He’s a go-getter who will find a solution to any given problem, while I adopt a more easygoing “whatever happens will happen” state of mind when it comes to solving problems. He can look under the hood of a car and automatically diagnose what is wrong with an engine. I have difficulty even opening the hood of my car.

You get the picture.

My dad and I have always had a good relationship. We don’t talk to each other every day, but we probably don’t feel the need to since we live only 30 miles apart and attend the same church.

A couple of weeks ago on Father’s Day, there was a young man in our church who was having a rough time making it through service. It turns out that his own father, who is out of the picture in his life, had made some broken promises to him. As me and some other men attempted to cheer him up, it really hit me just how fortunate I am.

Up until that point I’ve always taken it for granted that I grew up in a household with two loving, supportive parents. My father was always right there alongside my mother through the thick and thin. Everyday wasn’t a bed of roses, but my father was always in the home as an example of what a real father/man should be.

I’ve been observing him more closely in a lot of areas, including the way he performs his duties as a deacon at church and in his relationships with my mother, his father (my grandfather), and all the other men and women in his life.

Am I saying that he’s perfect? No. But he’s the best example of a man that I’ve been around my entire life and the older I get the more I find myself wanting to be like him.


I know you read it, now prove it!

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