The Wrestling Match of Life


I’ve been a wrestling fan for most of my life. Although I don’t watch as regularly as I used to I still consider myself a diehard fan.

When thinking of something motivational to write, I thought that wrestling would be a good starting point. After all, a wrestling match is a good analogy for the situations we face in life.

Hear me out.

The typical rules of a match dictate that two opponents fight each other in a ring. Let’s say you’re competitor A. Competitor B could be any type of adversary—fear, depression, a rowdy coworker, etc. A wrestling match is decided when you pin your opponent’s shoulders to the mat for three seconds.

However, let’s say that you’re up against an opponent who is too tough to handle on your own. You need reinforcements.

Well this is exactly what a tag team match is for. The rules are the same with the only difference being that each opponent has a partner to assist. But there are multiple variations even within this style of match. You can have a six, eight or twelve-man tag. There are even handicap matches for those who really want to stack the deck in their favor. Every battle in life isn’t fair so you have a right to level the playing field to your advantage.

Just like life’s situations, a match can really get out of control. Wrestlers will start inside the ring only to end up in the crowd, backstage, or even outside of the arena. I’ve seen so many different kinds of matches: falls count anywhere, no holds barred, tornado tag team, lumberjack, last man standing, ironman, steel cage, scaffold, ladder, triple threat, fatal four way, battle royal, and even a casket match. The possibilities are endless.

A wrestler may use whatever weapons they have at their disposal to inflict punishment on an opponent. Over the years, I’ve seen several unique weapons utilized in wrestling: tables, chairs, brass knuckles, fire extinguishers, kendo sticks, trash cans, forklifts, etc. If you can name it then there is a good chance its been used in a match somewhere. The same goes for life. Use whatever tools you have—friends, family, the bible, prayers—to tilt the fight in your favor.

The goal of any wrestler is to stand in the center of the ring with their hand raised in victory after a long, hard-fought battle. You can be up against drug addiction, family problems, or issues on the job. No matter the challenge you must do whatever it takes to emerge victorious.

Life is the one match that none of us can afford to lose.



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