It’s All in the Details


This is the kind of Saturday I enjoy. The weather is nice and I don’t have too many items on the agenda. I can lounge around and still get some writing done.

When thinking of what to write today my mind wandered back to two incidents from work.

The most recent occurred yesterday when a lady came by my office to drop off some paperwork. The first thing I noticed is that she had on a dress identical to another coworker. It was a black t-shirt style dress with white horizontal stripes. It looked as if she literally picked the outfit out of the other woman’s closet. I was so taken aback that I found myself staring at her dress for most of our conversation. I later brought up my observation which she found quite funny.

Earlier this week I had another female coworker stop by. This one has a peculiar habit of dancing to pass the time. She broke out in a ballerina-style dance as she waited on me to finish a call. It’s honestly the strangest, and cutest, thing I’ve seen at my job. We both busted out in laughter when I noticed what she was doing.

(Author’s Note: One of the most important things I’ve learned about working with women is that it’s always good to keep them laughing.)

I thought to myself how is it that I always pay such an inordinate amount of attention to these kind of things. More so at my job than any other place, I notice nearly every detail of my coworkers’ articles of clothing, past conversations, and unique individual quirks. Even more interesting is that I work mostly around women. It seems like there is something new to learn about them on a daily basis.

I blame it on the writer in me. As a writer, I feel that it’s my duty to observe every detail about those around me. I catch things about other’s behavior that they may not even realize about themselves. It’s kind of cool.

Consequently, I like for my writing to be packed with as much detail as possible.

I’m ready to see what notes my mental rolodex will record as I go about today’s activities.


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