Consistency is Key

One of my biggest challenges as a blogger is my lack of consistency. It’s what comes to mind whenever I think of why my blog isn’t as successful as it should be. There are periods when I feel like a writing machine and periods when I rarely write at all.

Let’s look at the following table which shows the number of posts I published per year, along with the corresponding amount of views, since I started this blog in 2011.

Year Posts Published Views
2011 41 497
2012 76 19,199
2013 43 13,800
2014 31 14,268
2015 28 9,816
2016 46 7,882

We can see that 2012 was the high watermark with 2013 and 2014 following next in line. 2015 is interesting since it had the lowest number of posts, yet the number of views was still up from what I reached in 2016. 2014 had the second least amount of posts, but the second highest number of views. 2011 is noteworthy because I started this blog in September of that year. I was writing like a man possessed, although the quality of my work wasn’t close to what it is today.

Just imagine if I had maintained the same level of productivity I displayed in 2012. It’s very possible that I would have come close to hitting 100,000 views by now.

I try not to get too caught up in the numbers because the real measure of my blog’s success is how I feel about everything I write and the feedback I receive from my readers. On the other hand, it’s nice to keep track of my measurable progress.

One of the most amazing periods of growth in my blog, and in my writing life, occurred during the summer 2015 when I posted daily from June 28-July 7. To this day it remains the longest stretch of uninterrupted blogging I’ve ever done. Not only did I develop into an all-around better writer, but I gained many new followers during this period. After all this success, guess what I did?

I went cold turkey and didn’t write again until exactly one month later. Why would I stop after going on such a roll?

I stopped because I had a hard time feeling like I could live up to the pressure I imposed on myself.  I thought that I couldn’t write something that lived up to my readers’ expectations of what they had come to expect from me.

2016 was my worst year of blogging. Not only did I go months without posting anything, but the lag in writing made it that much more difficult for me to produce quality content when I was ready to resume. There were days when I felt like a zombie heading to the keyboard.

Just like laziness, a lack of consistency is a surefire way to halt your goals. We all have what may appear to be valid reasons for not maintaining consistency in certain areas we’re looking to grow in.

In some ways, giving up on your goals after you start gaining traction is worse than not pursuing them at all. You’ve already proven you have what it takes, so why stop?

Just keep going.


4 thoughts on “Consistency is Key”

  1. The first sentence had me thinking – get out my brain. hahaa – I can completely and entirely relate to inconsistencies of Blogging, the ebbs and flows we go through. I’m on like my 4-5 blog, and 2nd year in on OWP – consistency is everything in life, as the successful people say – making it a habit to write is where I seem to stall.

    1. I’m glad we can relate Keirryn!!! In addition to the daily grind of life, writing can be a such a mentally draining activity. I’ve discovered that writing becomes much easier when you keep at it. I was seeking out the advice of a fellow blogger who told me that they blogged everyday for over one year. By getting their mind into the habit for so long they were able to write at will regardless of the circumstance. That blogger is now a published author.

      I’m a long way from reaching that level of consistency, but I do hope to reach it one day. Thank you for reading and I wish you the best in your blogging journey!

      1. Wow, I can definitely see why they’re a published author and that is wonderful to hear. Its all about forming that habit, I hope you obtain your writing fluidity, and smash your goals. Just remember to enjoy the journey on your way to fame, and good fortune. xx

  2. Things happen and been were you been but I think changes in our lives and around the world do effect us keeping up with writing, spending time with people and being happy. But it is important to keep up with writing to help get rid of stress.

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