Why Brevity Is a Writer’s Friend

One of the biggest changes to occur in my writing this year was my switch from writing exceedingly lengthy posts to considerably shorter ones.

During my first couple of years of blogging I felt a need to consistently write upwards of 500 words per post. I felt like I was doing the world a favor by writing such lengthy prose.

Well, I was wrong.

My purpose for writing in this manner was to impress others rather than myself.

I equate this scenario to watching wrestling. I’ve witnessed matches that were technically excellent, but seemed to lose something because they went too long. I’ve seen plenty of good matches go 30 minutes that would’ve been great had they gone half that length.

Brevity isn’t simply about writing shorter. It’s more about cutting out the superfluous details that bog down a story.

Remember that the key to writing a good story of any length is to know when to stop and trust that you’ve said everything that matters.



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