What I Enjoy About Writing


While I work a 9-5 job, my primary source of professional  fulfillment comes from writing. I consider writing to be a job since I allot a certain amount of time each day into putting pen to paper.

There is nothing cooler than having the ability to create something based on the thoughts swirling through my head. It’s the ultimate form of pure creativity.

Here are three things I enjoy about writing:

  1. As a writer you have the ability to create blogs, books, songs, product advertisements, articles, press releases, technical copy,  poems, essays, movie and television scripts, etc. What this means is that knowing how to write well is the safest route to job security. Every industry in existence needs writers of some sort.
  2. Writing requires a special level of talent and perseverance. While it’s often challenging, the reward is sweet. There are few experiences better than the feeling of a completed writing project. Even better is when others take out the time to read and react to what you spent hours laboring over.
  3. Writing is a cleansing experience. There are days when I have so much tension bottled up inside of me. Scribbling my thoughts in my journal is like medicine for the soul.



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