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500 Writing Prompts: Life Is Short


Finish this sentence: “Life is short…”

…so you should do everything you want to. Take chances. Don’t play it safe. Don’t waste time. Spend time with those you love. Tell the people you love how you feel about them. Love people in spite of their faults. Serve God. Live your dreams regardless of how impossible they may seem. Write a book. Record an album. Buy a house. Start a business. Go on your dream vacation. Pursue your passions. Apply for the job you want even if you’re not qualified. Don’t walk in fear. Walk in love. Encourage others. Be a light in the darkness. Do your best to bring a smile to someone’s face everyday. Use your words to uplift those around you. Don’t tear people down. Be a hero to someone. Develop a prayer life. Go out of your way to help others. Don’t be lazy with your talents. Be yourself. Speak up when necessary. Be quiet when you need to. Let your presence be a relief to others. Show grace and mercy to others especially when you think they don’t deserve it.




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