Be An Encourager


One of the greatest pleasures in my life is the feeling I get when I’m able to offer an encouraging word to someone in need.

Every person on this planet needs encouragement. Regardless of how strong someone may appear on the outside you never know the personal battles they may be going through on the inside. I Thessalonians 5:11 reads, “Therefore encourage one another and build up one another, just as you also are doing.”

I feel that the best opportunities for me to offer encouragement come at my job. I spend 40+ hours a week with my coworkers. We get to see each other at our best and worst which means that someone will need to be encouraged sooner than later.

Earlier this year I wrote a post, How I Showed God’s Love To My Coworkers This Week, about an email campaign I had undertaken with some of my coworkers to show them God’s love in a practical way.

One of my more recent encouragement testimonies came on last week when one of my senior level managers was going through an incredibly tough time in the office. Not that they told me anything was specifically wrong with them, but I know my coworkers well enough to realize when something is off. They hadn’t been acting like their usual self and it was beginning to reflect in their interactions with others.

Later that evening I sent them the following text. I’ve changed their name to protect their identity:

“Cindy, you and some other coworkers have been on my mind lately in regards to a lot of stuff that has been happening in our office. Aside from being an administrative assistant, I believe that God has placed me in this role to encourage others. I want to tell you to consider God in every decision you make professionally and show grace to everyone even when you feel they don’t deserve it. You’re a good person and I don’t want to see the stress of this job weigh you down. Have a great rest of the evening with your family and wish you the best at your meeting tomorrow.”

Their response was “Thank you, Jeuron. I needed to hear that.”

The next day that coworker appeared to be in much better spirits and even joked around with me.

That coworker makes at least double my salary. I didn’t shrink down around her just because of the difference in our job titles. She needed an encouraging word at that moment and I’m thankful enough that I could do so.

I believe that God places everyone in certain environments to make a difference. Regardless of your job title and role in life you have a measure of influence with some group of people in your life.

Encouraging others is a two-way street that builds up the giver and recipient. Try it if you haven’t done so.


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