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Five Myths To Debunk Surrounding Donald Trump’s Presidency

Donald Trump

The 2016 presidential election ended on Wednesday, Nov. 9. From the heated media coverage to the constant mudslinging on both sides, there had never been an election that made our country look so bad on a global stage.

Billionaire real estate developer Donald Trump defied all conventional logic to emerge as the most unlikely president in American history.

With that being said I’d like to take a moment to apply some practical wisdom to five widely believed myths I’ve noticed over the past week surrounding Trump’s impending presidency. What I’m about to say may not make a lot of people feel good, but I feel that it needs to be said nonetheless.

Myth #1- Donald Trump isn’t your president

Technically, Donald Trump isn’t anyone’s president yet, but he is the president-elect, which means that on Jan. 20 he will officially become president over every citizen who resides in America. It will be utter nonsense to claim Trump won’t be the rightful leader of this country after he’s sworn in. Even if you don’t like Trump as a person you should still respect the office. Which brings me to my next point…

Myth # 2- People have been disrespecting President Barack Obama and his family for the last eight years, so it’s okay to disrespect Trump and his family.

Two wrongs don’t make a right. It’s wrong for people to disrespect President Obama, First Lady Michelle and their daughters Sasha and Malia. It’s just as wrong for people to disrespect President-Elect Trump, future First Lady Melania and his children Donald Jr., Ivanka, Eric, Tiffany and Barron.

For as bad as the backlash was against President Obama at certain points during his presidency, I never saw mass protests and calls for his impeachment before he took office.

God’s word makes it very clear that we should respect those in authority. If anything, we should be praying for Trump and all our elected officials on a local, state and national level. Pray that God will surround Trump with wise counsel and advisers that will guide him into making decisions that are in the best interest of this country.

Myth #3- The Electoral College system should be banned

Like it or not, the Electoral College isn’t going away anytime soon. Every president in American history has been decided via this method, so why should it be abolished now? Just because Trump won. Were there a mass of news articles and posts calling for the dismantling of the Electoral College after the last two elections won by President Obama? No.

Myth # 4- Voting for Trump makes you a bad person

This statement is what I call painting with broad strokes. As an American citizen, you have the right to vote for whoever you want. Regardless of who you voted for, don’t let anyone make you feel inferior for exercising your constitutional right. I can assure you that not everyone who voted for Trump is a gun-toting immigrant-hating racist.

Myth # 5- A Trump presidency means that the world is coming to an end

Maybe God allowed these events to transpire to teach American a lesson. The moral compass of this country has fallen so greatly over the years that maybe God has to literally and figuratively clean house. While I respect President Obama, I don’t agree with all his policies. I felt his stance on certain issues were quite damaging to our nation.

What if God allowed this to happen as a means to show that we need to turn back to him instead of putting our faith in the government. The worldwide reaction to this election has shown me that so many of us put more faith into our elected officials than we do to the God who created us.

Sure, Donald Trump has his flaws, but I cannot discount the man’s track record of being president until he does the job. Yes, Trump is a political outsider, but maybe that’s what this country needs. Whether you like to admit it or not, a Clinton presidency would’ve been 4-8 more years of the status quo. Trump may turn out to be a better president than any of us could imagine because he’s not tied down to the traditional Republican and Democrat ideologies that have dominated Washington for decades.

What I do know is that it’s not the will of God for any of us to live in fear. While there have been several reports of racial incidents escalating in the wake of this election, this kind of activity isn’t happening everywhere in America. The mainstream news media will have you believing that the world as we know it is coming to an end all because of Trump. We’re not going back to the Jim Crow era and I feel that some of the best days for America are still ahead. For those who believe in God, this isn’t the time to cower down and keep quiet. It’s your time to shine your light for all the world to see.

My advice to you is to not let the results of this election dictate how you go about living your life. Although things my look uncertain now, it’s my hope that we come out of this situation as a stronger, more unified nation.



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