Writers’ Wisdom- Writing For Yourself

no-rules“Forget all the rules. Forget all about being published. Write for yourself and celebrate writing.”  -Melinda Haynes

My interpretation: There is no shortage of resources available to help writers improve their craft. However, no amount of advice from any successful author can substitute the actual art of sitting down and putting pen to paper. While every writer should have a firm grasp of the basics, you cannot allow the need to be grammatically correct overtake the desire to write what’s on your heart.

Robert Benson’s Dancing on the Head of a Pen and Stephen King’s On Writing are two of the best writing books I’ve read. Although I respect both of these authors, and their respective works, I don’t want to write like them. The best thing that a writer can do at times is to take all the rules and advice and toss them out the window.

Don’t ever write about what you think others will enjoy reading. Write the stories that interest you. You cannot expect your readers to become emotionally invested in your work if you don’t even believe in what you’re saying.

Write what you want the way you want and you will never go wrong.



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