Mid-Week Empowerment: Leadership Development

Leadership Road Sign

Whether you realize it or not, God has called you to be a leader in whatever environment you find yourself in. Hopefully the following tips will help you to unleash the leader from within:

–Being a leader has nothing to do with how you feel about yourself, your skillset or how many people follow you. Some of the greatest leaders this world has ever seen were the least qualified by traditional standards.

–Leaders think differently about themselves than others. They feel good about themselves.

–You’re not a great leader because of what you do for a living. You’re a great leader because of who God created you to be.

–Leaders are never defined by their circumstances. They don’t make excuses. They assess their situation and make the necessary adjustments to reach their desired goal.

–Leaders never think poorly of themselves. Just think about the late Muhammad Ali. He said he was the greatest boxer long before he ever won his first world championship.

–You can tell who a real leader is by how they treat others.

–Leaders never blend in with the crowd. They can be surrounded by negative people and still shine bright.

Will you allow the leader inside you to manifest?


I know you read it, now prove it!

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