500 Writing Prompts: Something You’re Afraid to Try

Name something you’re afraid to try but really want to. What makes you afraid to try it?

Becoming a professional wrestler. I know that it may sound silly to some but this is something I really want to do. Instead of watching and writing about wrestling, maybe I was meant to be a wrestler.

I’m afraid to try it because I may not be up to the task physically. Wrestling is hard work and you must be in excellent cardiovascular shape to make it through training. I’ve read enough stories and seen enough videos to realize that wrestling is not for the weak of heart. Plus I’m a small guy who isn’t too athletic. My age is another disadvantage. Most wrestlers start their careers in their teens or early twenties. I’m 30.

Although my age and lack of athleticism are the two main reasons I cite for not giving wrestling a try, my fear boils down being scared to try and fail at something I love so much.

There is a female wrestler named Veda Scott whose reasoning for becoming a wrestler mirrors my own. Her story provides me with some hope.

Me wanting to be a wrestler is more of a bucket list type of thing. I don’t necessarily have aspirations of making it to WWE. Sure it would be great if I made it to that level, but I’d be just as content to wrestle on local independent shows. It could be something I do for fun outside of my 9-5 job.

I just want to be able to say that I’m a professional wrestler before I die.


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