It’s Your Time To Shine


I’m staring at my computer at 12:09 am Tuesday morning thinking of what to write. Not anything too long. Just something that may be useful to whoever is reading.

Well my grand piece of advice is to let your light shine.

I know it sounds cheesy but my pastor preached about this exact topic on Sunday. God wants your light to shine in every area of your life. He has blessed you with unique talents that he wants you to use to bring his name glory.

We are living in an era of unprecedented darkness involving crooked elections, police brutality, violence against police, terrorist attacks, overt racism, etc. It’s like you wake up every morning expecting the worst to happen.

Whether you believe it or not, you’re the answer to someone’s prayer. You may not be able to change the course of world history, but you can effectively change someone’s life. You have something special that the world needs to see and it’s time to stop being shy and let it out.

Don’t wait for tomorrow. Your time to shine is right now.

Shine on!









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