Things are getting better following a long, hard day at work

Yesterday was not a good day for me at all. After a long day at work, I was left feeling mentally drained by the time I got home. Severe car issues didn’t help matters either. I even wrote about my state of mind before going to bed.

The main crux of my displeasure stemmed from the fact that I’m a 30 year old college graduate who has spent the last four years working in an administrative assistant capacity. This isn’t exactly how I envisioned my career trajectory after graduating from college with a journalism degree.

While I have my bad days, I have plenty of good ones too. Even when things don’t go as well as planned I can always count on the fact that I have some amazing coworkers.

Despite how I may feel on any given day, I truly believe that God placed me in my current job to make a positive difference in the lives of my coworkers. We’re like a family.

Since I work on the front desk, I’m in a unique position of literally having no choice but to communicate with everyone. I do not have an office to stay holed up in. My office is front and center for everyone to see and congregate around. T

I had a productive, fun time at work today. I was especially glad that I got the chance to have a lot of meaningful discussion with my coworkers. I have keep them in the forefront of my mind all at times. I’m there to be a blessing to them and I cannot let my own insecurities to get in the way of allowing my true personality to shine.

The most important reason why today went so well is because I prayed before arriving to work. I do believe in the power of prayer and have noticed on more than a few occasions that the days I pray for myself and my coworkers usually end up being my better days on the job. Even with this proven track record I still don’t pray as much as I should. How weird.

Until I get to my desired place of employment I must be the absolute best administrative assistant that my department has ever seen. I owe myself that much at least.

Before I went to bed last night I wrote that things must get better. Well they have.


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