My field day experience

I took off from work on Thursday to assist my wife’s pre-K class during their school’s field day festivities. Although I agreed to help some time ago, I was starting to regret my decision as the day drew closer. After all,  my wife had told me stories throughout the year about how some of her kids could be a handful.

While I was absolutely drained when the day ended, it was also one of the most fun experiences I’ve had in a long time. I helped her kids navigate the various stations, provided them with water, tied their shoes, played with them and engaged them in conversation. Without question, eating lunch with them was the highlight of the day as they asked me every question under the sun in the funniest manner possible. A lot of the kids knew who I was before I even stepped foot into the classroom due to my wife showing them our pictures and talking to them abut me.

I had formed such a bond with these kids that I was actually a little sad as we waited for their parents to come pick them up. My experience with them made me wish that I had participated in other volunteer activities throughout the year so that I could get to know them better.

Preparing for field day!

My wife and I were beyond exhausted by the time we got home. We crashed as soon as we stepped into the house and didn’t wake up for another couple hours.

There were two takeaways that I got from my experience: The first is that kids desperately need adults to step up to the plate and become positive role models, specifically for the young boys. As I talked with other teachers I discovered some of the boys came from dysfunctional backgrounds which had a direct correlation on they way the behaved in class.

The second is that I got a firsthand glimpse of what my wife goes through on a daily basis. I gained a newfound respect for her and teachers everywhere. It’s not an easy job.

After spending one day in her shoes I can honestly say that I’ve never been any prouder of her and the career path she’s chosen.


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