Why is it so hard to write?


The following excerpt is from a new book I recently picked up, “Around The Writer’s Block: Using Brian Science to Solve Writer’s Resistance” by Rosanne Bane:

“Why do we sit down in our writing space, only to pop out of the chair to look for answers in the refrigerator, empty the dishwasher, check the mail, or get another book to use for research?

Why do we have great ideas when we’re in the shower or driving on the freeway, then freeze and not know how to start when we get to our writing space?

Why do we distract ourselves with a multitude of other things to do and think about?

Why do we paralyze ourselves with self-criticism and perfectionism?

Why is it so damned hard to write?”

I just began the second chapter and have already discovered some profound truths about why my writing has stalled in recent months. I’ll occasionally share some of the more interesting passages I come across as I continue reading.

I hope the words I provide here will help other struggling writers in learning how to develop the habits that will cause us to overcome writer’s block and become the productive writers we’re meant to be.


I know you read it, now prove it!

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