Pro Wrestling

Cesaro reaches for the brass ring during excellent rematch with Cena


I missed last week’s episode of Monday Night Raw, which really isn’t anything out of the ordinary for me these days.

When I checked out all the wrestling blogs last Tuesday the only thing I kept hearing about was the John Cena vs. Cesaro match for the United States Championship.

Despite the rave reviews it received I did not seek out the match on You Tube.

Last night, following VH1’s Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta and ABC Family’s Chasing Life, I decided to give the third hour of Raw a chance.

I’m glad I listened to my intuition because it was among the most entertaining hours of WWE programming I’ve seen in months.

Surprisingly, one of the key highlights was a tag team match pitting the Lucha Dragons vs. The New Day. While the match itself was nothing special the commentary by Titus O’Neal was excellent.

JBL had spent much of the match discussing an altercation that happened earlier in the show involving Brock Lesnar and The Authority, instead of calling the action going on inside the ring. This didn’t sit well with O’Neal who then proceeded to tear into JBL something fierce. It was the most entertaining bit of WWE commentary I’ve heard in a long time.

However, the biggest highlight of the night was an excellent Cena-Cesaro rematch. To the best of my knowledge it was Cesaro’s first time being in a singles main event on Raw.

It began with Cena coming out to issue his weekly U.S. Championship Open Challenge, to which Kevin Owens accepted. Owens was soon interrupted by Cesaro who came down to accept the challenge since Owens cost him an opportunity to beat Cena clean on last week.

The two put on a 30:06 clinic that once again proved why Cesaro is one of the best in the business.

When I think back to the infamous comments that WWE Chairman Vince McMahon made about Cesaro’s lack of connection with the audience earlier this year on Steve Austin’s podcast, I couldn’t help but wonder if he still feels the same way after watching last night’s match.

Cesaro consistently nails everything that is thrown his way. They pair him up with Tyson Kidd (another greatly underrated talent) and they end up becoming the company’s hottest team. They put him against Cena and he ends up having two incredible matches.

After Raw went off the air Cena called Cesaro back out to the ring and proceeded to put him over with a heartfelt speech. It’s really telling that the top star in WWE openly endorses Cesaro while management continually drops the ball on him.

I only wonder what excuse will they come up with next to hold this man back from reaching his true potential.


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