Reel in your writing ambition


Ambition is the lifeblood of a writer.

Too little of it and you will not accomplish anything. Too much of it and you will end up sabotaging yourself before making any real progress. As you can see the results are the same either way.

The key is to strike a balance between your ambition and the realistic output it will take to bring your goal to fruition.

Whether you want to write the proverbial next “Great American Novel” or start a successful blog, you must begin by taking small steps toward your desired outcome.

If your goal is to write a book then try jotting down a certain number of words per day. If you’re a blogger then try taking a notebook around with you to collect your thoughts. This will provide you with a rich source of material for future posts.

I can’t recall any writer who completed their masterwork in a single day. It takes years for even the most skilled writers to complete their projects.

Just remain consistent at a pace that works for you.


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