Don’t let fear hold your writing hostage


Fear is something that every writer experiences at one time or another. It could be fear of writing that next blog post, book chapter or magazine article. It can absolutely cripple a writer.

Regardless of what your writing goals are you must overcome fear in order to begin building toward the completion of your desired outcome. You would be amazed to discover the number of bestselling authors who experience many of the same writing fears as we do.

The only difference is that they have come to the realization that no one else on earth can write the kind of stories they wish to tell. They are driven to see their work through to the bitter end regardless of what challenges come their way.

Overcoming fear is the main reason why I’ve taken on this initiative to blog on a daily basis. Writing is like exercising a muscle. The more you do it the more comfortable it becomes. The opposite is also true.

I’ve become such an inconsistent blogger because of this voice inside my head that tells me writing is too hard.

Well I’m throwing that mentality out the window!

Over these next several weeks you’re going to see me write more diverse stories than I’ve ever written before. There was a time not all that long ago when I considered blogging to be the highlight of my day. That day has officially returned.

If you’re a writer of any caliber currently in a creative rut then dust of your keyboard and fire up those pens.

The best is yet to come.


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