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Brock Lesnar’s decision to remain in WWE opens a slew of possibilities


Current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar made headlines on Tuesday by announcing his decision to re-sign with WWE, thus putting to rest any speculation about his return to mixed martial arts. The story was reported by a number of major news outlets.

The announcement came during a live interview on ESPN’s SportsCenter, although Lesnar actually signed his new deal on Monday.

Lesnar’s decision to remain with WWE certainly changes a lot of plans going forward and may greatly change the dynamic of his championship match with Roman Reigns this Sunday at WrestleMania. While the long-term plan from the beginning had been for him to drop the championship to Reigns, there is now a possibility that he could retain.

Regardless of the outcome, Lesnar sticking around is the best move for business. Not only does it open up the possibilities to a slew of potential new programs, but it just about guarantees that there will be a Lesnar face turn at some point in the future. A babyface Lesnar could be this generation’s equivalent to Steve Austin.

In a week that we’ve witnessed the tragic death of Perro Aguayo Jr. and a perplexing closing segment on Raw, it’s refreshing to have some positive news for a change.


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