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Kanye West’s strange fixation with Beyonce continues at 2015 Grammys


I didn’t watch the Grammys last night, but kept up with all the action via social media. I wasn’t at all happy to discover that Kanye West attempted to upstage Beck’s acceptance speech for Album of the Year in favor of Beyonce.

I hated when he pulled this stunt with Taylor Swift at the 2009 VMAs and I hated that he ruined Beck’s big moment. I’ve come up with a couple of theories as to what motivates him to behave in such a manner.

First, I believe that Kanye has some kind of borderline-obsessive fixation with Beyonce. Why else would he feel such an undying need to defend her at every turn?

Second, Kanye may have a legitimate psychological condition that makes it impossible for him to not act in such an unprofessional manner at awards shows, particularly when it comes to any artist surpassing Beyonce. But even outside of this situation I’ve rarely seen such a talented artist display such unabashed arrogance at nearly every turn. He simply can’t help himself.

Third and most important, Kanye hasn’t come across an artist who won’t tolerate his mess. One day he’s going to interrupt the wrong person and get exactly what he has coming.

I also wonder why Beck felt the need to respond to Kanye’s criticism and agree that Beyonce deserved his award? If I won Album of the Year, I wouldn’t owe anyone an explanation. I’d let the award speak for itself.


2 thoughts on “Kanye West’s strange fixation with Beyonce continues at 2015 Grammys”

  1. TOTALLY AGREE! Kanye has issues. When I heard he had done this again all I could do is smh. If I won the award I’d tell Kanye to “take a seat, this award has my name on it not Beyonce’s”. She ain’t all that to me anyway…really don’t see what the obsession is in the first place. Maybe he really wants to be with her. This is his way of showing it?

    1. Yes, it’s really strange and sad. No artist deserves to have their big moment taken away from them. I’m also certain that Beyoncé can defend herself if need be.

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