Pro Wrestling

Team Cena vs. Team Authority a strong match of the year candidate


If there is any such thing as a one-match show then last night’s Survivor Series was it.

Even before the jaw-dropping conclusion, Team Cena vs. Team Authority was already one of the best matches of 2014. By the time it was over it felt like one of the better matches in Survivor Series history.

Just as good as the quality of wrestling was the storytelling. Big Show’s heel turn, Cena’s early elimination,  Rollins curb stomping everyone in sight, and Triple H’s overt interference were all highlights.

Ziggler was tremendous in the role of a babyface in peril. Although he is a former world champion, his Survivor Series win would have to rank as the biggest career win. Ziggler has been on the cusp of greatness for so long, but last night may have been the moment when he finally broke through the glass ceiling. If the company fails to capitalize on his momentum then they will have truly missed the boat on something special.

Triple H also deserves credit for making me care more about this match in one night than the last several weeks of television did. Whether it was his fiery backstage pep talk or overall intensity throughout the match, Triple H made it seem as if these were the highest stakes possible.

And this brings us to Sting.


They couldn’t have done a better job with his debut. For years I’ve fantasized about Sting’s introduction to WWE and he didn’t disappoint. It was a brilliant move to insert Sting into the company’s hottest storyline and his interaction with Triple H strongly hints at a possible WrestleMania program.

This all led to Ziggler pinning Rollins to effectively bring an end to The Authority. Triple H and wife Stephanie McMahon, along with their subordinates, have run roughshod over WWE as the the top heel stable for the last year and a half and Survivor Series was their comeuppance.

However, the story does go on and tonight’s episode of Raw should answer many questions.

What was Sting’s motivation? What will the future hold for the former Authority members? What will happen to Big Show who appeared to royally screw himself over by turning on Cena? Will Triple H respond to Sting?

After a few relatively boring weeks of WWE programming it appears that we are ending the year on a high note. By the time WrestleMania rolls around I have a feeling that we willl be able to look back on the Survivor Series as the night when business really turned the corner.


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