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Carlos Colon enters WWE Hall of Fame amid much controversy


Carlos Colon was announced as the newest inductee into the 2014 class of the WWE Hall of Fame at this week’s SmackDown taping in Little Rock, Ark.

To current WWE fans he’s just a name from the past they have little to no knowledge of. Although he wrestled around the world Colon made his biggest impact in the Puerto Rico’s World Wrestling Council where he was the company’s top star and owner.

Colon’s career is comparable to that of fellow Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler, who was the top star and owner of the old Memphis wrestling territory. While Lawler dominated wrestling in a small region, Colon did so across a much broader geographic area. Colon’s biggest cards were held in stadium-sized venues during WWC’s heyday in the 1980s and many of the biggest stars of that era migrated to WWC at one time or another during their careers.

In addition to his contributions as a performer and promoter, Colon’s legacy lives on through his sons Carlos Jr. and Eddie, and nephew Orlando. Eddie and Orlando currently compete in WWE as the Los Matadores. Carlos Jr. competed there from 2004-2010 as Carlito.

Carlos with son and former WWE Superstar Carlito.
Carlos with son and former WWE star Carlito.

Above all his accomplishments, Colon’s career is forever linked with the 1988 murder of Frank “Bruiser Brody” Goodish.

Brody, one of the biggest wrestling stars of the 1980s, was stabbed to death by Jose Gonzales during a backstage altercation at a WWC show. Gonzales was indicted on charges of first degree murder but was later acquitted. Several wrestlers, most notably Tony Atlas and Dutch Mantell (aka Zeb Colter) never testified despite being present on the night the murder occurred.

Not only was Colon a local legend, but he wielded considerable influence on the island. Some claim that he had evidence removed and threatened several witnesses who wanted to testify. Many of Brody’s close friends never worked again in WWC out of respect for his legacy.

Bruiser Brody's death will forever be linked to Colon.
The late Bruiser Brody.

I feel that Brody’s death should not be held against Colon’s legacy. While what happened was a tragedy and pushing an alleged murderer on top for years after looks terribly bad in hindsight, is what Colon did any worse than WWE owner Vince McMahon shamefully exploiting the death of Eddie Guerrero and Lawler’s near-tragic heart attack into television angles for cheap heat?

Colon deserves recognition for his longevity in the business and the impact he made in transforming Puerto Rico into a wrestling hotbed.


7 thoughts on “Carlos Colon enters WWE Hall of Fame amid much controversy”

  1. I remember the news tease about Brody’s death, when I was a little kid. They were talking about a wrestler getting killed, but didn’t name Brody. Hearing this and being a kid who thought it was all real, I blurted out “Hope it’s Ric Flair!”.

  2. Not trying to cause trouble, but do you think Benoit should be inducted into the HOF as well, since its not “a Hall of Ethical Behavior”? I mean, we all know he won’t ever be inducted, so lets disregard that reality for a moment. I’m really just what you think here.

      1. Agreed. Now, if you were running the Hall, would you induct him? Personally, I would never do it, but I would allow Colon in any day of the week, just based on the fact that, for whatever reason, the law found him not culpable for what happened to Bruiser, and he really has contributed a shit-ton to the business.

      2. If I were running any legitimate wrestling Hall of Fame, I probably wouldn’t induct Benoit just because it would be a public relations nightmare. He deserves it based on his body of work, but his heinous crimes overrules every aspect of his career. On the other token, I’ve never been happy with the way they’ve tried to whitewash him from history. Thankfully, Benoit’s matches are available for public consumption on the WWE Network.

        The only HOF that Benoit is a member of, and the only HOF he will likely ever be a member of, is the Wrestling Observer Newsletter hall.He was inducted in 2003. They had a recall election in 2008, but the voters failed to reach the same percentage of votes that got him inducted in the first place, so he remains in. I kind feel like there never should’ve been a recall vote in the first place. Once you’re in a HOF, you should remain there for life regardless of your personal actions. Last I checked, OJ Simpson is still a member of the pro football hall.

        Colon definitely deserves it. He’s the biggest star to ever compete in the history of Puerto Rico, which says a lot when you consider all the talent that came through the territory over the years. Plus the promotion he started still continues to this day.

  3. it’s a disgrace that you think he would belong in there he may not have killed anyone like Benoit but he was behind it and he allowed the man to be a starJose Gonzalez was a big Joke and a med card nobody who got away with murdering a legend and a real man shame on you

    1. I agree, he even admitted to the murder later on. There was a lot of corruption in P.R. and Colon was considered a legend. Even the police who came to the scene, were laughing at the wrestlers who were trying to explain what they saw. The coroners report said that Carlos, didn’t try to kill him, really? He was stabbed multiple times. It took medics over 40 minutes before they even arrived at the scene. Not only that, even the subpoena’s for the witnesses didn’t even get mailed until the trial was “already over”. I don’t care how much he contributed, he murdered another person, admitted it and got away with it. To add insult to injury, he even has a photo or Brody in his office, sickening.

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