Degrassi Review: Basket Case

Plot Summary 1- Clare and Drew


This episode began with a cheesy dream sequence of Clare and Drew making out. Naturally, Clare felt guilty and sought out Alli for some advice.  Alli told Clare to stop putting herself into flirtatious predicaments with Drew.

As fate would have it, she came into a situation where she could’ve put Alli’s advice to practice. Drew needed help with some last minute campaign items and enlisted Clare’s assistance. She didn’t refuse Drew’s offer and went happily off to spend the evening helping the man of her dreams.

As Drew drops her off home, Clare is stunned to see Eli at her door. After all, Eli is her boyfriend. Eli had some time off from film school and wanted to take Clare up on her bungee jumping offer (as seen in last week’s episode).


While Clare struggled to come up with a response , Drew interrupted in order to keep Clare from blowing their cover. There was a clever line thrown in where Drew called Clare by her by last name. Eli pointed out that was his nickname for her. That seemed to indicate they could be building to a moment where their relationship comes to light.

I did enjoy Drew’s facials after Clare and Eli stepped inside. He had this great pained look on his face as if he realized that despite their romantic dalliances, Eli would always be Clare’s true soulmmate.

I cannot understand why the writers are continuing forward with these two as an item. This has got to be one of the most unrealistic romances I’ve seen in Degrassi history. Consider the magnitude of that statement.

I want to like Drew so much, but despite all the challenges he endures, the dude refuses to learn from his mistakes. Even after the death of his brother and losing his fiancée, he is essentially the same guy he was when he debuted in Season 10.

Clare & Drew Storyline: C-

Plot Summary 2- Miles’ Big Party


Miles is on the phone hamming it up with Maya when his father arrives to inform him that he and his mom are going away on business. Mr. Hollingsworth has appointed Drew to look after him in his absence. The only rule is that there are to be no girls or parties at the house in their absence.

There are several reasons why this didn’t make any logical sense. First and foremost is that Drew is the most irresponsible male character on the show. Mr. Hollingsworth saw this firsthand during his campaign event where Zoe, a 15-year old girl, revealed that she slept with Drew, an 18-year old young man. It wouldn’t have been that big of an issue had Zoe not been 15 years old. Just like he’s done with numerous girls before hand, he got what he wanted and kicked her to the curb.

If I were a parent, I wouldn’t dare leave Drew in charge of my children.

Later at school, Miles and Winston begin to devise a plan to get Drew out of the house for the night so they can throw a massive party. I enjoyed the interaction between the two as this was going on. For whatever reason, it looks like we haven’t gotten as much of Winston as I would’ve preferred, but he is an interesting character nonetheless.

Instead of a small party amongst friends Winston nearly invites the entire school, including Zoe.

Miles is intoxicated when Maya arrives to confront him. Maya is upset that he threw a giant party just to spite his father when they could’ve instead had a nice quiet evening to themselves. Miles doesn’t want to hear any of this and lashes out at her.


As Miles sulks over his actions, he is confronted by a drunken Zoe, who proceeds to strip right in front of him. Winston shows up to talk his friend out of doing something he’ll regret. Zoe passes out before she can make any serious advances. She is taken to the pool house to recover.

Meanwhile, it dawns on Drew that he was tricked by Miles and Winston into doing campaign activities. He rushes back to the Hollingsworth residence to confront Miles. He manages to shutdown the party and rips into Miles for his irresponsibility. He even admits that Mr. Hollingsworth had come up with a plan in the very case Miles did something to jeopardize his campaign.


Hoping to apologize to Maya for his earlier actions, Miles attempts to sneak through her bedroom window. Instead of getting a warm welcome Maya berates him for spending so much of his energy trying to prove his father wrong. She shuts the window in his face.

The following morning, Miles is outside cleaning the pool when his father returns. After admitting that Drew had nothing to do with the party Miles comes clean and tells him that he knows he is cheating in his mother.

Mr. Hollingsworth tells him that it’s a complicated matter he’s working on. After refusing his father’s assistance with the pool Miles continues cleaning by himself.

Miles’ Big Party Storyline: B+

Plot Summary 3- Alli and Dallas Confront Leo


Our first glimpse of Dallas finds him surveying a neighborhood with a menacing look on his face. Then Leo arrives home. Apparently, Dallas has some retribution planned in the form of his fist making contact with Leo’s face. Dallas proceeds to walk in his direction until he is stopped by a kid in the street. He then calls his son. Hearing the voice of his own child gives him second thoughts about his plans for vengeance.

Later that evening while studying with Alli, Dallas sees for himself just how much hurt Leo inflicted upon her mentally and physically. He suggests they take a break from their studies and go for a walk.


Much to Leo’s surprise, he opens his door to discover Dallas. Instead of knocking him out, he demands Leo to sit and listen while Alli talks to him. Alli is finally able to bare her soul to Leo about all the abuse he put her through. She tells him that he had no right to put her through the kind of violence he did and that he didn’t break her. Afterwards, Alli thanks Dallas for allowing her the opportunity to confront her fears and put an end to this chapter of her life. Alli’s acting work in this scene was phenomenal.

I thoroughly enjoyed this storyline as it finally brought closure to Alli’s relationship with Leo. Dallas and Alli have natural chemistry and it was a wise move on behalf of the writers to script Dallas the way they did. Instead of resorting to the same physical tactics Leo used on Alli, he chose the smarter option. And Alli turned out the better for it.

Alli and Dallas Confront Leo Storyline: A+

Final Thoughts: As with much of this season, I found this episode to contain things I really enjoyed Alli and Dallas) and hated (everything involving Drew and Clare). I’m curious to see where things are heading with Miles and his father.

According to previews, next week’s episode promises to be explosive.


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