Just Bring It 2014!


Can you feel the magic in the air? It’s January 1, 2014 and it means that New Year’s resolution fever is running rampant . Whether it’s slimming down a few pounds or saving more money, now is the time to set the wheels in motion for the things you wish to accomplish by December 31.

While some people tend to downplay the importance of New Year’s resolutions, I tend to err on the side of optimism. I would rather start the year with anticipation rather than believing that nothing good will come. I just have a feeling that 2014 will be my best year of my life yet, if for no other reason than the fact that I will marry the love of my life in three months.

Of course, there are areas of my life that I really desire to see some change in. Here are a few of the resolutions I will be working on throughout the year:

Operating in more faith- Faith is more than just hoping for the best. It’s standing on God’s word and doing the corresponding actions in order to get the end result. Operating in faith will require me to leave my comfort zone and do things I have never done before.

Being more assertive-I need to mean what I say and say what I mean in all situations. I need to be bold and not back down from expressing my beliefs on any particular matter. Confidence plays a big part in this process. The days of being a passive bystander are over.

Eliminating laziness- I can speak from experience that laziness is a silent killer. In order to reach my goals, I will need to get off the couch and put down the remote control (and Facebook too). I refuse to allow laziness to stop me in 2014.

Developing close male friendships- I love my fiancée and  my female friends with all my heart, but I’m seriously lacking in the male friendship department. It’s not that I don’t have any good male friends, but there is a big disparity in the amount of time and effort I put into those relationships as opposed to the women. I blame it on the fact that God has placed so many awesome female figures in my life!

Forming a closer connection with my dad- Don’t get it twisted. My dad and I have a very good relationship. He’s always been in the household and has helped raise me into the man I am today.  He’s a great example of a husband, father and man of God. Since I will soon be married, I wish to bond with him in a more significant manner during these last couple of months under his roof.

These are four huge resolutions I plan on attacking full force. What are yours?

Just remember that no matter how difficult they may seem, they can be done.



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