Fruit and Faith

We’ve all heard the familiar expression, “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade.” And if you’re not fond of lemons then you can replace it with the following options: apples-apple juice, oranges-orange juice, pineapples-pineapple juice and so forth until you’ve reached your desired fruit. Lol.

The overriding theme of the analogy is to make the best of whatever life throws your way.

Over the last couple of weeks it seems as if this expression has become more real to me. Though I don’t consider myself to have a bad quality of life by any means, there have been some unique circumstances that have arisen to test my faith. And while I’m on the subject of faith, I need to point out that faith is not simply crossing your fingers to hope for the best. Faith is expecting the best and believing in God’s word even when everything and everyone around you is telling you the opposite. This type of faith involves taking the practical steps necessary to turn your dream into a reality.

If you believe in God for a new job then it’s not enough to think positive thoughts. You need to physically go out to search and apply for the position you desire. You should invest in learning the skills that will make you a more marketable candidate. It also wouldn’t hurt to read a good book on how to properly write effective cover letters and resumes. (I strongly recommend the Knock ’em Dead series by Martin Yate) At the same time you should find scriptures in the bible to mediate on pertaining to employment. Some good ones include: Mark 11:24, Hebrews 11:1, Mark 11:23, Hebrews 13:15 and Romans 8:28. You must toss out every negative thought and convince yourself that God has a job with your name on it. It also helps to avoid negative speech. In other words, don’t sabotage yourself by saying or thinking things that are contrary to what you’re expecting.

These steps can be applied to any situation in life. I just deiced to use job searching as an example because it’s an area nearly everyone can relate to.

Using faith is not easy and a lot of people fail because they either give up the good fight or enter the fight unprepared.

I am convinced that anything is possible. There are people in my life that have received supernatural blessings as of late and I know the same can happen for me. Whenever I hear about my friends and fellow church members getting new jobs, promotions and unheard of financial blessings, I celebrate with them because I know my time is coming soon. Plus seeing their success gives me a real life example of what to aspire towards.

Wow. I have no idea where all of this faith stuff came from! I guess I wrote it to remind myself and others that faith does work. On a personal note, I do plan on becoming a nationally recognized writer before I leave this life. In order to do so, it’s not enough for me to read books on writing (though they are extremely helpful). I’ve been doing that for the past five years. My bedroom is like a giant library of writing resources.

Instead, I need to stop being lazy and fearful and write as if my life depended on it. I have important stories in my head that need to be told. Decades from now I want people to remember me as a man that gave everything he had to the craft of writing. I also want them to remember me as a pretty hardcore professional wrestling fan and anime connoisseur.

It’s time for me to go ahead and put my faith to work. As you go about your week, use your faith to make something extraordinary happen.

I'm more of an apple kind of guy
I’m more of an apple kind of guy

1 thought on “Fruit and Faith”

  1. It’s all just a combo of talent, luck, drive, who you know, somebody holding the door open for you, etc. Life is too complicated for a bunch of simple answers.

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