Degrassi Review: Honey

There is no need in going through the formalities. The big news from last night’s episode, “Honey,” was the shocking death of Adam Torres (played by Jordan Todosey).

As a viewer, I was completely caught off guard. Up until last season’s death of Campbell Saunders (which was a shocker in its own right), there hadn’t been a character killed off since J.T. Yorke in season 6. The death was doubly surprising since Adam had been prominently featured in so many of this season’s publicity shoots and promotional materials.

Adam was noteworthy for being the first, and so far only, transgender character portrayed in Degrassi history. Season 10’s “My Body is a Cage,” the episode in which Adam’s transgender status is revealed, won a Peabody Award for the respectable manner in which it dealt with the controversial topic. Despite being on the air in various incarnations for better part of 30 years, the show had never won such a prestigious honor up until that point.

The handling of his death was well done. The final scene of his parents breaking the news to his brother Drew was as dramatic as any scene ever in Degrassi. The emotion from all three, as well as Mike Dallas (who accompanied Drew to the hospital) was just tremendous. It was even more remarkable when you take into consideration it was all conducted through the use of facials without a single word being said.

Adam in the hospital.
Adam in the hospital.
Torres family coping with the news.
Torres family coping with the news.

I can honestly say that I’m downright anxious to see how they follow up with this on next week. Based on the episode previews, many old faces will be returning for the funeral including Bianca DeSousa and Dave Turner. It will be refreshing to see them return, even if just for a single episode.

It will be interesting to see what shadow his death casts over the remainder of this season.

In other developments, Miles officially ended his relationship with Zoe. Maya had worn a hot new dress that Miles took notice of. Zoe then purposely spilled a drink onto her. Miles later returned to the table to inform Maya that he and Zoe were done.

Miles has had it with Zoe.
Miles cuts ties with Zoe.

Anyone who reads my Degrassi reviews will know of my disdain for the Alli-Leo relationship. Therefore, it was perfect irony that their final day in Paris would bring about their best stuff yet.

While at lunch with his grandparents, Leo informs Alli that he will register for college in Toronto, thereby ensuring the continuation of their relationship. Alli was overjoyed with the news. The man of her dreams would be moving to Canada and it appeared they would live happily ever after. She couldn’t have been more wrong.

While out enjoying their final day together, Alli receives a text message from Dallas. I couldn’t really make out what the message said, but I can only assume it was an update on Adam’s condition.

Leo flipped out and accused Alli of cheating. He demanded to see her phone and began forcibly yanking her arm. Had it been anyone else, this scene would have come across as ordinary. Leo has been such a reserved and quiet individual and this was a side of him I never expected to see. In the many relationships Alli has been involved in over the last five seasons, she has never been the recipient of any physical abuse. As she told Jenna about the ordeal on the trip back home, I couldn’t help but think that we haven’t seen the last of Leo. That could definitely spell trouble.

Alli telling Jenna about the abuse suffered.
Alli telling Jenna about the abuse suffered.

All things considered, this is an episode worth going out of your way to see. Adam’s death was handled excellently and next week’s episode promises to be epic.


3 thoughts on “Degrassi Review: Honey”

  1. 1) Dallas’ text said something to the effect of “I’ve been texting you for weeks with no response, Looking forward to seeing you.”
    2) Adam’s death more than likely means Claire won’t die… even though she should.
    3) Artistically Speaking: BEST EPISODE IN YEARS. It’s good to see the writers go back to the old formula.

    1. Oh ok. Glad you cleared up the text discrepancy. Lol. Another death may be too much for some fans too handle and I agree with you that it was one of the best episodes in years. I’d put the episode on the same level as anything from the old-school era. This episode and last season’s “Bittersweet Symphony” are classics. This week’s episode looks like it should continue in the same footsteps.

  2. I’m going to have to disagree with you on “Bittersweet Symphony.” Maybe I pay too much attention to the details of the story lines, but by watching the promo for the following episode and Cams history of intentionally injuring himself(not to mention the fact that Cam had only been around for half of a season so I really didn’t care), but his death wasn’t a shock to me. No one saw Adam’s death coming and that’s the beauty of it. Degrassi hits you like life. Raw and gritty with unexpected plot twists.
    P.S.: Mark my words-Leo vs Dallas at the end of the season.

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