Degrassi Review: Cannonball

After two weeks, I’m finally back with a new Degrassi recap. My usual routine is to watch the new episode on Thursday, and have a review up by the following day. However, I was sidetracked with other writing commitments. In the previous episode, “About a Girl,” Becky ended her relationship with Adam and Maya’s attempt at helping Tristan backfired horribly. Connor also embarrassed Jenna something fierce.

So I am doing double duty. Today, I will recap last week’s episode, “Cannonball,” and I will return tomorrow with a recap of “Honey.”

The key stories include Maya’s search for Tristan, Connor expressing his awkwardness of having sex and Adam attempting to rebound from his breakup with Becky. The episode concludes on a tragic cliffhanger.

The Good:

Miles does it again and Winston steps up to the plate

Things kick off with Maya bursting into the guy’s bedroom to drop off some coffee to Tristan, only to discover he is missing. She drags Winston along as they search all over the Paris. Despite Winston’s pleas to ask Miles for help, she is vehemently declines. Their search results in some great character development for Winston. He is hilarious.

After some prodding from Winston, Maya begrudgingly asks for Miles’ assistance (after he indulges in a bit of teasing at her expense). Maya is upset at how he is dealing with her ordeal in such a nonchalant manner. Within a matter of moments he leads her directly to Tristan and his actions cause Maya to reconsider her feelings for him. Their story concludes with Maya and Tristan making a presentation in class, where they use Miles as a prop. Once class is over, Maya thanks Miles before he departs with Zoe. While leaving out, he looks back to Maya as if to say he still has feelings for her.

So we get more advancement of the Maya/Miles romance and the first glimpse of what Winston truly has to offer.

Maya having her way with Miles during class presentation.
Maya having her way with Miles during class presentation.

Connor and Jenna open up about sex

On the previous episode, Connor embarrassed Jenna in the worst manner humanly possible by telling her that he did not want them to ever have sex. The humiliation was magnified tenfold since the outburst came while they were out on a date with Alli and Leo.

Understandably, Jenna was ticked and thought about ending things with Connor. After Alli’s unsuccessful attempt to hook Jenna up with a new beau, she gets Connor to apologize to her. Connor opens up about his fear of sex and Jenna explains her reluctance of becoming sexually active.
I like Connor because he has a genuinely unique. The Asperger Syndrome aspect of his character gives the writers a lot of room for some good storytelling. Hopefully, he and Jenna will remain together.

Time to talk.
Time to talk.

Tristan and Maya dynamic clicks

Since this season began, something just didn’t seem right about their friendship. Tristan and Tori was the perfect bff combo in seasons 11-12. Remember the skit they did with Zig at the school coffeehouse, or their production of the Westdrive vlog? Therefore, I wasn’t at all thrilled to see Maya slide in and take her spot. It didn’t seem like a natural fit.

However, the conversation they shared following his discovery was a warm moment that felt completely organic.

Maya finds Tristan.
Maya finds Tristan.

The Bad:

Continuation of Imogen and Adam

The kids at summer camp participate in a mock wedding with Adam as the best man and Imogen as the maid of honor. Afterwards, Adam, attempting to get over Becky, compliments Imogen on her looks. Imogen suggests they take a hike in the woods and you can guess what happens next. After they make out, Adam still wants to patch up things with Becky. While texting Becky on the road, he loses control of his car and crashes into a tree. The next episode preview shows Adam in critical condition.

The only reason I don’t like the Imogen and Adam relationship is because it’s too predictable for Adam. Adam always finds himself on the verge of a blossoming relationship, only to have each one end way too prematurely. Why even script him to be in relationships at all?

I sense that the blame for the accident will be placed on Becky, since she is the one Adam was texting as he crashed. Of course, it wouldn’t make sense, but I can’t imagine this accident being a more perfect setup for him and Imogen to become an official couple.

The Interesting:

Imogen without glasses!

This episode marks one of the few occasions we get to see Imogen on camera without her glasses. She is quite the beauty and looks much more mature, as you can tell by the following photo.

What a difference from her usual bespectacled appearance.
What a difference from her usual bespectacled appearance.

Overall, it was a great episode. Their adventures in Paris are coming to a close and Adam’s accident will surely be the focus of the next epsiode.


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