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Why aren’t you watching New Japan Pro Wrestling?

Great article from Wrestling Rambles about the hottest wrestling promotion today, New Japan Pro Wrestling.

Wrestling Rambles


New Japan Pro Wrestling has been on fire. Great personalities, hot crowds and tremendous matches can be found on just about any card they produce on television. And for the first time, many people outside of Japan now have access to these shows live- the Tokyo Dome this past year was aired live for the first time worldwide. For those who have been fans of puro for years, how incredible is that? There has been tons of matches that, if you follow the Wrestling Observer ratings scale, have been over the four star range and a lot of their cards (Tokyo Dome, Invasion Attack, nights 2 and 4 of the G1 Climax tournament) blow away anything WWE or TNA has produced this year, by leaps and bounds. But there are many who don’t notice, or don’t particularly care. And I can see their perspective- why should someone care so much…

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