Degrassi Review: My Own Worst Enemy

Today is Friday which means it’s time to review the latest episode of Degrassi, “My Own Worst Enemy.” This week focused on Clare undergoing an MRI, Alli continuing her adventure with new beau Leo and Tristan’s infatuation with roommate Miles. It’s time to examine the exploits of our favorite angst-ridden teens.

The Good:

Clare and Eli strike gold for third week in a row- This continues to be one of the best storylines in recent memory. Things kicked off with Clare preparing to undergo an MRI. Afterwards, she is on edge about the results and lashes out at her mother and Eli. Her mood only worsens after discovering the death of one of her friends on the cancer ward (I assume it was the young girl in the pink wig from last week). Clare is clearly about to crack.

Unable to deal with the pressure, Drew sneaks Clare out the hospital and takes her to the summer camp happening at school. She is barely able to complete a simple task in the obstacle course before becoming ill. Some children come to check on her and one of them sneezes right in her face without covering their mouth. She lashes out at them due to the fact she can easily catch an infection. Clare then asks Drew to take her back to the hospital.

Upon arriving, an irate Eli approaches Clare as to her whereabouts. She gives a speech to him about how the uncertainty of time she has left. Eli tells Clare how worried he was about her, to which Clare responds, “I’d worried if you weren’t.” The episode concludes with Clare receiving the news that her MRI came back negative for any sign of another tumor. As Clare celebrates, she defiantly proclaims, “I’m going to fight this, I’m going to win.” She is not out the woods yet, but is more determined than ever to beat her cancer.

I honestly don’t know what more to say about this storyline than what I’ve written over the last two weeks. In terms of the quality and believability, it has no peers.

Eli and Clare: The heart of the show
Eli and Clare: The heart of the show

Clare and Drew interaction- In the three seasons they’ve been on the show together, I can’t recall too many instances where both have interacted in such a meaningful manner with each another. It was a nice change of pace. I’m sure there will be plenty more similar instances since Clare will serve as Drew’s vice president during the school year.

Drew's antics ease Clare's mind
Drew’s antics ease Clare’s mind

Miles and Tristan friendship takes an unexpected detour, or maybe not- While shopping on the town together, Miles reveals to Tristan that he has a background in dancing (in hip-hop style nonetheless). He also makes a comment about his father putting an end to the activity. This was an interesting admission that added more fuel to what is certain to be an ongoing conflict with his father.

Within the course of their conversation, Tristan kisses Miles. His reaction is stunning. I say so because he brushed it off as if nothing happened. He didn’t even act the slightest bit annoyed.
Later on, Tristan catches Miles making out with Zoe. This should serve as the catalyst to set a lot in motion among these characters.

I think Miles is a very straight guy. He’s in a predicament where he probably wants to be as understanding as possible to Tristan in order to prove that he is an accepting friend and non-homophobe (as evidenced by his actions last week). Therefore, he didn’t want to give Tristan the expected “what the heck are you doing” response that just about any other male on the planet would’ve given in a similar predicament (myself included). Miles is becoming a more interesting character by the week.

What a predicament
If only they would have continued shoppping

Zoe begins to live up to her villainous potential- From her first appearance it was apparent that Zoe would inherit the mantle held by previous Degrassi girls (most notably Paige Michalchuk and Holly J. Sinclair) as the queen bee of the schoolyard. Her make out session with Miles, in addition to her earlier threat to Tristan over Miles’ affection, shows she is ready to be the character everyone loves to hate.

Zoe marks her territory
Zoe marks her territory

The Not So Good, but Not Completely Bad:

Alli and Leo heat things up with a side order of homework- Thanks to Jenna’s prodding, Alli finally musters the nerve to ask Leo on a date. The only problem is that her time with Leo cuts into the time she should spend studying. As a result, she receives a C on her classroom presentation. When given the chance to complete a makeup assignment, it coincides with another date with Leo. While on this date, Leo gets the impression that Alli is using him just to gain information for her assignment.

While this was fine and was actually the most time they’ve dedicated to Alli this season, it still feels like a waste of time for her. I’m not emotionally invested since it’s doubtful Leo will become a recurring character.

Alli and Jenna
Alli and Jenna

The Bad:

No Chewy!- There was not a trace of Miles’ best friend Winston “Chewy” Chu. Granted there are tons more episodes to go, but it feels like we’re getting a firm grasp of who Miles and Zoe really are, yet we haven’t got anything from Chu. I’m sure his time is coming.

It’s also worth mentioning that this episode was the most we’ve seen of Jenna.

Where have you been?
Where have you been?

Final Impressions:

This was another good episode. It was way better than last week’s in terms of advancing the plot. Once again, Clare and Eli stole the show.


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