Degrassi Review: All I Wanna Do

Hello everyone. Today, I will recap last night’s episode of Degrassi, “All I Wanna Do,” which aired on TeenNick. I will provide my brand of insightful, timely, and life-altering commentary. Well, I doubt it will change your life, but at least I was able to make it sound pretty important, huh?


The conclusion of last week’s season premiere saw most of the crew heading to Paris. Boy I wish my high school offered a trip like that. It would’ve been nice. Anyway, with Miles and Winston boarding as last minute additions to the trip, the impression was given that it was going to be a bumpy ride to the romance capital of the world.

Three main stories were featured. The most significant was the continuation of Clare’s battle with leukemia. This week, it took a more drastic twist as she made the decision to cut her hair. Things also appeared to get worse as her doctors scheduled another MRI for a potential new tumor. Overseas, Tristan had Maya pretend to be his girlfriend in order to impress roommates Miles and Winston. Tristan initially had a hard time adjusting to sharing a room with the two, especially after both teased him about his fake relationship. Eventually, he came to realize that Miles was not a homophobe and it looks to be the beginning of a genuine friendship between the two (even though next week’s episode may severely put a dent in their friendship).

In the lesser storyline, Alli set out to explore Paris on her own. She was nearly mugged while posing for a photo, until a man named Leo came to her rescue. They shared a cup of coffee in what looks to be the beginning of a summer fling. The episode ended with Eli reassuring Clare he will always be there for her regardless of her physical condition.

The Good:

Clare and Eli continue strong- While last week dealt with Clare accepting her diagnosis, this week emphasized many of the future struggles she must endure, most notably the most feared side effect of cancer for any female: the cutting off of her hair. While in a therapy session with other young patients, Clare is confronted by a girl who tells her that she won’t have Eli’s support for long once her hair comes off.

Clare cut her hair in order to maintain some semblance of control over her situation. With the help of Imogen, Adam, and Drew, she decided to wear a wig. She dolled herself up in a long blonde wig, pretty red dress, and lipstick, all for her man. When Eli arrived, he was pleasantly surprised by what he saw. The episode concluded with him giving Clare a kiss on the cheek while both were wrapped in each other’s arms.

It was another strong outing for the two. This is clearly the major storyline that will carry the summer season, if not for most of the fall season and it comes across as an entirely realistic portrayal of the issues young female cancer patients must experience on a daily basis. Hair is a big part of a woman’s identity and losing it has to come as a huge blow to their self-esteem (especially in our vain society that trumps physical appearance over everything else). The storyline has an added relevance in the wake of the death of 13-year old honorary CoverGirl Talia Castellano, who succumbed to cancer earlier this week.

Good work guys!
Good work guys

Miles does have a heart- I touched on it a bit last week, but I am really intrigued by his character. I can’t wait until they return to school because I think that is when we will begin to see him emerge in some quality storylines (especially with his abusive rich father). Instead of focusing on his relationship with Maya, the episode was about him convincing Tristan that he had no problem with him being his roommate. There was a subtle twist on the way this event would’ve typically played out. Early into the episode Miles admits to Tristan that he made fun of him for faking his relationship with Maya and not because of his sexual orientation. So Tristan actually found himself not accepting the friendship of the heterosexual guy, who was trying to befriend him all along.

I could relate to this on a personal level since I roomed with a homosexual during my junior year of college. To this day I consider that guy to be one of the best friends I made in my college experience and have even invited him to attend my wedding (which he happily accepted).

Miles doesn't dissapoint
Miles doesn’t disappoint

The Bad:

Another Alli romance- There is a lot I like about Alli, but I’m tired of her bouncing from one relationship to the next. Her latest romance does not appear to be anything out of the ordinary. Hopefully, it will end soon so that she can be involved in some meatier stories. Hopefully, she will resume her relationship with Dallas.

Give Alli something to work with
Give Alli something to work with

Not a ton of character development- There was quite a lack in actual character development as compared to last week. We didn’t really learn anything new about Winston. The manner in which Zoe brushed off Alli was reminiscent of Holly J. Sinclair, who epitomized the essence of the “ultimate stuck-up diva” in seasons 7-8. It appears she will likely have a major run-in with every significant female character. However, she didn’t make as much of an impression as last week.

Zoe will run the yard this season
Zoe will run the yard this season

Line of the Night:

Clare responds to Eli, “I am in control,” when confronted about the fear of cutting her hair. The conviction in which she spoke and the way she pointed at Eli was great.

The Funny:

I nearly burst out laughing when that guy tried to take off with Alli’s camera after she asked him to take a photo. I guess it hit home because my fiancée and I were on a trip last weekend where we constantly had others take our picture in front of various landscapes. I hope no one ever tries to run off with my camera someday.

My totally random observation from the evening:

There was a commercial for these really cool flip speaker headphones. I’ve never seen anything like them before. I’m certain that they are cheaper than a pair of Beats by Dre headphones.

Overall, this was an episode one could easily skip without missing anything of importance, but the Clare and Eli stuff was worth watching. I hope you enjoyed this week’s recap. Can’t wait until next Thursday for another dose of high school drama!


2 thoughts on “Degrassi Review: All I Wanna Do”

  1. Another great recap! Felt like I watched it myself and got more insights into YOUR personal life…hmmm. RIP Talia.

    1. Glad you liked it Porsche! I figure writing about the same show on a weekly basis is good practice for me. I’m not sure if you ever met my roomate that year (2005-06). I don’t think you did, but he’s good people.

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