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In Spite of Zimmerman Verdict, God is Still a God of Justice

Let me begin by stating my core beliefs on the Trayvon Martin killing and George Zimmerman trial:

1. I believe Trayvon Martin was racially profiled by George Zimmerman.

2. I believe Trayvon posed no real threat to anyone.

3. I believe Zimmerman was an overzealous neighborhood watch officer who wanted to make an example out of some unfortunate victim.

4. I believe the prosecution did a poor job of presenting its case.

5. I believe it was a gross miscarriage of justice that Zimmerman was not found guilty on any charges.

With that being said, The Zimmerman trial is not the first time the legal system has failed and will not be the last. However, this trial captivated the nation’s attention in a way that few others have in my lifetime. Maybe it was because Trayvon’s murder represented the fundamental plight facing the misunderstood young black male in this country. Sure he occasionally got into trouble just as any other normal 17-year old kid. He was in the process of serving a ten-day suspension (for drug residue found in his backpack) from school at the time of his death, but that hardly made him a danger to society. Trayvon was described by several friends and family members as respectable and quiet person. He participated in volunteer activities and dreamt of pursuing a career in aviation. The CNN article “Protesters declare ‘I am Trayvon Martin,’ but who was he?,” does a great job of painting a portrait of the easygoing young man Trayvon really was. He had every reason to believe the best days of his life were ahead of him. I’m sure he never envisioned his life ending the way it did.

On the surface it did not appear that justice was served. In addition, his family has to deal with the double whammy of losing their son, and seeing his killer walk free. I can’t imagine the pain they must be suffering.

In many ways the verdict fell in line with the increasing shift our legal system has taken in recent years. It seems as if the law has consistently fails the very ones it was designed to protect. Right has become wrong and wrong has become right. How else do you explain such a verdict?

It’s wholly understandable to be upset and confused by the outcome, but we should not question God’s authority. When voicing your opinion on the matter, don’t speak from a place of hatred. Instead, speak with a love for all people.

Zimmerman has no reason to celebrate. At the end of the day his actions ruined a family. Contrary to previous statements made by Zimmerman, it was not God’s plan for him to murder Trayvon on that fateful evening. As far as I’m concerned, it’s a convenient way to absolve himself of responsibility for his actions. Just because he was found innocent in the eyes of a manmade legal system legal system does not mean he was found innocent in the eyes of God.

As a Christian, I do believe there is a very real satanic force that guides men to commit such heinous acts. There was no trace of God on that night, only that of a twisted freak on a power trip. Whatever Zimmerman does for the remainder of his life, he will forever be known as the man who killed an unarmed boy. The stigma will haunt him for the rest of his life. Until he honestly seeks the face of God for true repentance, he will never find true peace.

The same goes for his defense team and anyone else who played a role in laying the legal groundwork that enabled such a tragedy to go unpunished in the first place. Though they did not pull the trigger, they are equally responsible. You should never be a partaker of anyone’s sin because judgment will come upon you and your family. When you knowingly help someone get away with sin, you are just as guilty of the crime.

Yes Zimmerman was found not guilty. Regardless, God still sits high on the throne and is worthy of all the praise. He desires for all men to draw near to him, including Zimmerman.



20 thoughts on “In Spite of Zimmerman Verdict, God is Still a God of Justice”

    1. You’re welcome Bailey and I’m glad the article was able to help in some way. You taught me that writing can be used as a form of healing/coping.

      This is a tough situation with no easy answers. The way everything turned out just feels all wrong. I’ve been talking with coworkers all day and the general consensus is that we expected the verdict that was handed down.

  1. I am white and I am not by any way regarded a ‘racist’ but why did this have to become a racial case? I don’t see how this was the case to be honest. He wasn’t a normal 17-year old kid, he was practically a man carrying drugs who looked suspicious and there was no shred of evidence that Zimmerman was not acting out of self defense . Honestly, I think it is unmoral how ‘blacks’ are looking at this and I think it’s wrong how every ‘black’ person is using religion and the justice system to criticize the verdict.

    Again, I am not being racist. I have a black friend and I like him a lot more than some of my white friends. I like reading your work and you seem to be a decent guy so don’t take anything I said to heart about you and I apologize if I did!!!

    1. So every black youth in a hood walking in the dark looks suspicious? It was OK for Zimmerman to IGNORE the dispatcher’s ORDERS to NOT get out of his car and confront Martin? Had Zimmerman listened to the darned dispatcher and not acted like Hulk Hogan and played hero, NONE of this would have happened. So what if Martin had issues with drugs. HE was not on trial, or at least he was not SUPPOSED to be. I heard a juror already has a book deal or something. SHAME.

      1. Why is it ”every black youth”?? Why are you fueling that it’s a racial thing? If any youth was walking around in the dark…lets face it, with the society we are currently living in it DOES look suspicious. It sucks but that’s the way it is. I ONLY bring up the drugs part because he was not some ”little innocent kid”. And the defense showing pictures of him from two years ago is WRONG…making everyone believe he was a young child.

    2. Ray, this isn’t new. There’s been a BAD history in the States of people getting off after a black person has been killed. This looks like the same type of deal. That’s what makes it racial.

    3. Ray, we’ve always been cool and I’m not at all offended by your comments. We are all entitled to our opinions. That is the freedom we have in this country and thankfully we have outelts such as blogging to express our views. It’s my hope that none of us will ever get so worked up trying to prove a point that we end up personally attacking one another. I like all of you guys!

      I do believe there has been a strong undercurrent of racial tension at the heart of this entire matter, particularly the way Trayvon’s character was assassinated by Zimmerman’s defense team and various sections of the media. They would actually have you think that Trayvon deserved his fate. Being suspended for having drug residue in your backpack and walking the streets in a hoodie does not make one America’s Most Wanted. I knew many people in college who occasionally smoked marijuana (and wore hoodies on a frequent basis) who now have excellent jobs at Fortune 500 companies. I’ve never been a fan of those who play the race card and several of my closest friends are white (including one of the groomsmen in my wedding), but it’s also impossible to deny that our law enforcement system has a long and shameful history of racial profiling. It’s my hope that Trayvon’s death, the Zimmerman trial and other recent events (Paula Dean controversy) will cause people to have an open and honest dialogue on race. Even though it’s an issue no one likes to address (myself included), it’s always present.

      Trayvon may have appeared suspicious on that evening, but he did not deserve to lose his life. The religious aspect is not an angle, but my true beliefs on the matter. It’s important to remember that God’s judgment is what’s most important. He never lets those that did wrong go unpunished, even when our legal system does otherwise. As I stated in the article, I pray Zimmerman comes to ask God for forgiveness, because deep down in his heart he knows what he did was wrong.

      1. No problem, Jeuron! I’m not really trying to prove a point per say…I just don’t think the majority of people are looking at this in a fair way. Like it’s Blacks vs. Whites, it’s wrong and it should not be the case. Then bringing religion into it…what does that have to do with anything?

        Sadly, dirty tactics were played in court. But that’s what happens every single time a case is on in the courtroom. I think race will always be an issue sadly. I don’t know why that is but it is.

        And one last thing…this is not a personal attack to you but to the majority of people who view this case… ”I pray Zimmerman comes to ask God for forgiveness, because deep down in his heart he knows what he did was wrong.” a lot of people are saying that, and at the end of the day…the ONLY person who knows whether he is truly innocent or not is Zimmerman.

  2. Jeuron, great job. Again, like I have said on twitter, Zimmerman is in his own prison. He has to live with his conscience, if he has one. God is everywhere, and He saw what happened. God will be the Final Judge in the end. Just my opinion, and I am mixed race.

    1. ”I am a mixed race” – that is the VERY problem with the whole case. It was turned into a racial thing. Like I had to say I was white in an above comment, why did we have to say what race why were….are we not all equal?

      1. The history of race relations in the States has made this about race. There’s no getting around it.

        I don’t know if the vibe is different in Ireland, but you can cut the racial tension with a knife here.

        Roughly half of all the people in the GOP(Republicans) aren’t sure if Obama(Democrats) was even born here and those are the two BIG political parties in this country. They think he was born in Kenya and that him becoming President isn’t legit; that it was a master plan brought on by his mother when he was born. If Obama were “white”, not just mixed, you would not have this opinion.

        Race is still a big deal.

  3. God’s patience should not be misunderstood as weakness or forgetfullness. The fact that a suspected murderer or suspected criminal walks away free from the courts does not mean he has been acquitted by court of God. At His time, the wicked, irrespective of skin colour or nationality (I am against racism in all shades), shall meet face-to-face with the trial of God : “There is no peace for the wicked,” says the LORD.”- (Isaiah 48:22). To the aggrieved…”Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” – (Romans 12:19).

    May the Lord give the families of Trayvon Martin the heart to bear the huge loss and see them through this very difficult times.

    Nice piece Jeuron 🙂

    1. Thank you Michael and glad you enjoyed the piece. This is such a difficult subject to tackle. I had a lengthy discussion with a good friend last night, who also happens to have a young son. Even though my head tells me to be angry at Zimmerman, I must remember that my heart tells me to love everyone. That is what God’s word teaches. On the same token, we are to hate evil. I don’t personally hate Zimmerman as a human being, but I do hate the actions he committed. I also hate the system of instituionalized racism that allows a young unarmed and apparently normal black teenager to be typecast as a threat to society. Zimmerman was not the first person to commit an act such as this and will not be the last.

      At the end of the day, there are no winners in this situation. The lives of both families (Zimmerman’s and Trayvon’s) were forever altered as a result of a senseless killing. God is a God of vengeance and recompense and he will judge Zimmerman accordingly for his actions. It’s my hope that Zimmerman comes to acknowledge God and ask for his forgiveness.

      1. “The lives of both families (Zimmerman’s and Trayvon’s) were forever altered as a result of a senseless killing. “… How sad….I agree with you on all fronts. May God take control of this very sad event…

      2. All this talk about the Christian faith is nice, but at this point, I’d settle for some Jedi help. lol

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