Readers make blogging a worthwhile venture

Lately, I have found myself drawn to the book Blogging for Dummies. I’m certainly no dummy when it comes to blogging, but I’m always looking for ways to improve. So far the most important lesson I’ve taken away is the need to step back and evaluate my performance.

As I’ve made clear on numerous occasions, I blog as much for my readers as I do for my own gratification. There is a part of me that would like to say I’d be a consistent blogger even if I had zero page hits and comments, but the truth is that I may have given up by now.

Whenever I go a long period of time without blogging, I literally feel compelled to get something out for my reader’s consumption.

For the longest time I’ve wrestled (no pun intended, well maybe) with the decision of whether or not to turn this into a wrestling-only blog or continue in its current format as one focusing on an assortment of topics. My last few posts have been about wrestling and I worry that I may alienate a significant chunk my audience. I say this because a lot of my followers are women. Last I checked, professional wrestling wasn’t too high on their priority list.

For those wondering, the title of my blog, The Best Darn Multi-Purpose Blog Period!, is a twist on the title of the former Fox Sports Network series, The Best D**n Sports Show Period. I never watched an episode of it, but I was always intrigued by the title. This blog has always been a reflection of my varied tastes. If you notice, the first year and a half of my blog was dominated with lots of non-wrestling content. I really strived to write about everything under the sun. In addition to attracting those who weren’t necessarily fans of wrestling, I did so to improve upon my skills as a writer. It would be easy to write about wrestling on a weekly basis, but it’s a bit more challenging, and personally satisfying, to write about things outside my comfort zone.

A cardinal rule of blogging is to find a niche and give it your undivided attention. Whether its fashion, sports, business, politics, technology, or entertainment, the rule says you should stick to one. Common sense tells me to stick with wrestling since it’s what I know best. But what if you‘re interested in more than one thing? After all, most people do not like to eat the same food repeatedly. Why should blogging be any different?

If I want to dedicate equal time discussing the particulars of macroeconomics relative to a Princeton University professor, while covering the latest happenings in WWE, then I should be able to do so without ruining the integrity of my blog.

This blog will remain a place to find quality writing on any subject at hand. Whether it’s wrestling, news, film reviews, or whatever, I want my blog to be a place where everyone can find something to enjoy.

This brings me to the main issue at hand. Blogging without an audience would be a frustrating experience, and as a way to make you feel more involved in my creative process, I’d like your input on the following questions. If you have ever taken out the time to read this blog then please take a few moments to respond to these questions in the comments section. Your honesty will be greatly appreciated. At the end of the day, you guys are a big reason as to why this blog has ran for nearly two years straight.


1. What is your favorite post from this blog?
2. Do you find my writing style easy or hard to follow?
3. Do you feel I have a decent grasp of English mechanics (grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and word choice)?
4. Are there any specific topics you would like to see me write about in the future?

These guys are to blame for the title of my blog.
These guys are to blame for the title of my blog.

8 thoughts on “Readers make blogging a worthwhile venture”

  1. Speaking of the “Dummies” series, I was in the store the other day and they had “Depression For Dummies”. Really? That’s just kicking you while you’re down.

  2. 1. Don’t have a specific favorite
    2. You write in a fairly easy to follow style.
    3. You are awesome in the grammar department.
    4. I would like your take on the issues of the day.

    1. Thanks for replying to the questions Terri. You have been one of my biggest supporters since day one. I will make an effort to write on more current events. I’m currently reviewing some notes on the Trayvon Martin-George Zimmerman trial and reading an article on a pretty big development that occurred on a morning news show.

  3. A possible future topic: Review a book. Not just any book, but a well-known book.

    I’m currently reading the Potter series. Got introduced in 2007, just wanting to see what all the buzz was about. A coworker let me borrow them. I thought I’d read the first one and stop, but I got hooked. I read them every June/July and it’s crazy how even though I’ve read them several times, there are still little details that I haven’t noticed until now.

    1. Glad you mentioned that! I’ve been studying up on how to write better book and film reviews for quite some time now. I actually have one book review up here. It’s a review of Larry Matysik’s 50 Greatest Wrestlers of All Time. I read a lot of non-wrestling books as well. I will take your suggestion into consideration.

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