Writing course is over, now what?


Good day mates,

It has been far too long since I last posted, and am ashamed to say its become the norm. The creative juices haven’t flowed with the regularity they once did and a nasty case of writers block slowly crept in to take control. But fear not, I am still determinded to become one of the best writers to ever put pen to paper.

To accomplish this goal, I must take the necessary steps. As many of you know, I was recently enrolled in a six-week writing course at a community college. When it began, I wasn’t sure what to expect. My original desire was to improve upon my feature writing techniques,but I ended up with more than I bargained for. The funniest part is that I learned the most about blogging, the area I felt I needed the least help with.

The one thing my teacher taught that stuck with me was the need to thoroughly plan and research every blog I write. I usually ramble from off the top of my head on whatever topic tickles my fancy, but my blogs would likely have a greater effect if I actually took the time to write them in long form. I followed this advice in my previous entry, The Five Most Underrated Superstars and Divas in WWE, and felt it was the tightest piece I’ve written in recent memory. Do I promise to follow this method for all future entries? I can’t say yes, but I will attempt to do so more often.

Another harmful writing habit I discovered (well it wasn’t a complete revelation) is my redundancy. Within this very post, I am likely to use several of the same words repeatedly. I am in desperate need of diversifying my vocabulary. The weird part is that I use many uncommon words in daily conversation with others, but for some reason it doesn’t translate to my writing. This is where the use of a thesaurus and dictionary would most come in handy. Unfortunately, I haven’t made much use of either since purchasing them two months ago. But there is always tomorrow, right?

However, it’s time to continue moving forward with my literary ambitions. This morning, I mailed off my application packet for an internship at Our State magazine. Our State is a Greensboro-based monthly publication covering North Carolina travel, history, folklore and scenic photography. They offer internships in a number of areas such as research, proofing, writing, fact-checking, indexing, and assembling copy for their website. It would be huge feathers in my cap to work for such established and respected publication. I know I would learn a great deal from their talented staff. The application guidelines required me to submit some writing samples, so I included three strong clips.

My summer writing plans are to sharpen my grammar/punctuation skills, pitch a wrestling history article (that I need to start writing) to a local publication and expose my work to as many markets as possible.



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