Writing course opens new world of discovery


Have you ever experienced a moment when all your preconceived notions on a particular subject were shattered?

I found myself in that exact situation Wednesday evening as I walked into class for a feature writing/blogging course I’m taking at a local community college. I figure it would be a good way to sharpen my skills since I do a lot of feature writing at my job and blog on a consistent basis. Little did I know this course would include some of the most powerful and practical writing advice I’ve heard in my life. My brian must’ve resembled a sponge for the 2.5 hours I was present because I soaked up everything.

I own numerous writing books and constantly surf the web for articles on how to improve my writing, but a lack of discipline and extreme case of laziness have prevented me from reaching the level I know I’m capable of as a writer. I feel this course will help me get back into the zone.

The course was more than I could’ve bargained for. For only $70 (registration fee) it felt like I received a one-on-one tutorial from the Gotham Writers’ Workshop. Our professor runs a freelance writing consultancy and is an author of three books and over 130 articles. She gave us three writing exercises that were each geared toward gauging our writing aptitude and comprehensive reading ability.

That alone would’ve made it worthwhile, but the real meat came in the lecture on feature writing. Even though I’ve written features in various publications since 2007, I was stunned to discover the amount of preparation that goes into crafting a quality piece. I learned how important organization and prewriting is to the success of the finished product. The majority of blogs I post mainly consist of my thoughts as they come to me at any particular moment. From here on I will try to conduct more sufficient planning for everything I post.

One of our assignments questioned our level of dedication to writing. It asked did we like to write, love to write, or live to write. I responded that I like writing, but want to get to the point where I love it and am able to make it a major part of my professional life.

There are many things I wish to do with my writing and for the first time in awhile I feel that I’m in a good place to begin chipping away at these dreams.

Can’t wait to see what is in store for the next five weeks!


2 thoughts on “Writing course opens new world of discovery”

  1. That’s awesome.. I have never taken a writing course but always wanted to.. I have no doubt you will learn much and can’t wait for you to share the journey with us all..
    Have fun and learn much!!

    1. Thanks for the support Lynne! There was so much that we touched upon that I didn’t have enough time or space to discuss it within my blog. It’s so great to be around a group of people whose same goal is to become better at writing. I will definitely keep you in the loop as I continue on this awesome journey.

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