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The 15 Best WWE PPV Posters of All Time

Following in the footsteps of and Bleacher Report, I’d like to present my take on the best WWE PPV posters. I hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane.

SummerSlam 2008

WWE likes to promote SummerSlam as being the biggest blockbuster of the summer and this poster lived up to the hype. The image of Maria on a Jet Ski gave it a very Baywatch-like vibe. It also didn’t hurt that the 2008 edition was a fantastic show.



Armageddon 2007

Batista looks like he’s in the middle of a post-apocalyptic wasteland as he clutches onto a gas mask with a decaying city in the background.



No Mercy 2007

Randy Orton was approaching his peak as a heel in 2007 and this poster captured him in all his brutal glory. It shows him holding a dove with a malicious grin on his face. Perfect!



Extreme Rules 2010

WWE gave us Sheamus in all his pale glory. The focus on his sadistic smile and bright orange hair really put it over the top.



Survivor Series 2001

Very few posters feature women and this event was during a period when WWE had some of its best female talent ever. The lovely Lita and Torrie Wilson, decked out in camouflage, look like two women you don’t want to mess with!



TLC 2011

When C.M. Punk made his infamous remark about ice cream bars to Vince McMahon, I never would’ve imagined they’d turn the idea into such fine art.



No Way Out 2012

WWE decided to go old school by putting Daniel Bryan and A.J. Lee in this sepia toned theme. While the event wasn’t particularly memorable, the same could not be said about this poster.



Royal Rumble 1992

WWE’s first animated poster remains one of their best. The number of legends featured on here is staggering. It also helps that Ric Flair’s Royal Rumble win is considered to be one of the greatest matches in company history.



Breaking Point

HHH has always been an intense performer, but when you put him in black and white with pieces of his skin breaking off like shards of glass, it takes the intensity to another level.



Summerslam 1998

This event holds a special place in my heart. It occurred during the peak of the Attitude Era and the Steve Austin vs. Undertaker main event ranks one of the best buildups I’ve seen for a championship match. The show was also notable for the Rock vs. HHH ladder match, which was directly responsible for catapulting Rock as the next big thing in wrestling.

Extra kudos goes out to whoever came up with the idea for Austin and Taker to duke it out using pieces of the Statue of Liberty and Empire State Building. It made all the sense in the world since the event was held in Madison Square Garden.



Night of Champions 2012

Since Night of Champions is a show where every championship is defended it only makes sense that the championship gold would be a prominent feature on this poster. The background of the WWE heavyweight championship and the radiance it casts onto John Cena makes this one stand out from the pack.


Bragging Rights 2010

Although the Bragging Rights concept was a bust, it did produce this great image of the top stars of Raw and SmackDown sizing up each other in a heated faceoff.


Summerslam 2012

Brock Lesnar looks like he’s about to kill a man. Enough said.


Elimination Chamber 2011

Of course I couldn’t leave Edge out. He looks completely maniacal biting the chain link fence of the structure. It was a dramatic image and Edge was the right guy to pull it off.

Elimination Chamber 2011

WrestleMania 1

The first WrestleMania was arguably the most important PPV in WWE history. Without the mainstream success this show achieved, it’s very likely that the company would’ve never taken off the way it did in the late 1980s. WrestleMania is still going strong 28 years later and this image of Hulk Hogan and Mr. T is one for the ages.



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