New Year, New Beginnings

Hi guys and gals. It’s been over two weeks since I last posted. Definitely a blogging no-no!

I hope everyone is having a fantastic holiday season. I’m sure mostly everyone in this country is doing one of two things right now: enjoying what they got for Christmas and feasting on leftovers. I’ve done too much of the latter. I go back to work on Jan. 2 and am using this time to relax as much as possible and enjoy the little things in life such as sleeping in as late as possible.

When I look back at 2012 I will remember it as a year of change. In a sense, I guess every year is like that since I’d like to think I’m always growing in some form or fashion. I left behind my part-time job, went back to work at A&T and got engaged. The freelance writing goals I aspired didn’t take off the way I envisioned, but there was still a lot success in my writing this year. Plus I made some very important author connections which I’m  eternally grateful for.

My top goal for 2013 is to take serious strides in finding a full-time job that I love. My current job is great, but I can’t necessarily say that I see myself doing that kind of work for the rest of my life. I’ve been given strong hints that a more favorable position that I’m very qualified for may be opening in my department very soon, so I’m just going to continue to ride out the wave and give my best effort as always.

My writing goals for next year are pretty much the same as they were this year, except for more persistence. I think my blog would have to qualify as a huge success. I officially reached my personal goal of 50 followers a few weeks ago and now I’m looking towards 100. Another goal is to do a  revamping of the blog’s Facebook page. I don’t want it to only be a place where people can read my posts, but I want it to provide something unique and different from what the blog offers. Writing more essays and creative nonfiction and entering contests are definitely on my to do list.

And while I’m talking about goals, I want you all to know that this blog isn’t just for me and my thoughts. As I set out to complete my goals in the coming year I want each of you to do the same. Life isn’t any fun when  enjoying success alone. Therefore, I want to hear about all of the awesome things you achieve over the next 12 months.

On a more serious note, I’d like to offer my sincere condolences to everyone who suffered the loss of a loved one this year. When I look back at 2012, I will rememeber it as being the year that so many people I know were affected by death. Within the last two and a half months my childhood pastor succumbed to lukemia, a friend’s wife passed from breast cancer, a friend died suddenly from a seizure and this past weekend, a college friend lost his grandfather to a heart attack. I’ve learned that death is very real.

And that’s not even mentioning the national tragedies we’ve experienced in Connecticut, Oregon and Colorado. Please take out the time to pray God’s comfort and peace for those experiencing their first holiday season without a precious loved one.

Since this will likely be my  last post of the year, I want to wish you all a happy New Year. Bring in 2013 like a rockstar!


5 thoughts on “New Year, New Beginnings”

  1. It cetainly has been an interesting year. Have a most wonderful New year, stick to your goals and always keep your heart open.
    Congrats on the new followers and here’s to many more.
    Happy New Year!!!

    1. Thanks Lynne! I wish the same for you as well. Meeting you was one of the real highlights of my year. Through all my blogging ups and downs, you’ve been with me every step of the way and I appreciate that.

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