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2012 Election Season Highlights Devisive Nature of American Politics Pt. 2

Of course I couldn’t let this day go by without discussing the presidential election. The 2012 election is in the books as Barack Obama beat Mitt Romney 303-203 to cruise to a second term in the White House. Regardless of what side you were rooting for, it’s painfully obvious that our country continues to be as divided as ever. Last night, I posted the following message onto my Facebook account following the news of Obama’s reelection:

“Time for a rare partisan moment– Whether you like the guy or not, Barack Obama overcame a bad economy, the questioning of his citizenship and the Tea Party to get reelected as President of the United States. Whether you agree with his policies or not, you must to RESPECT Barack Obama for making history again. My hope is that Congress will actually work with him this time around and we’ll see some real things get accomplished that did not happen in his first term. I hope this election was a wakeup call to the ultra right of the Republican Party that it’s time to put aside their differences and help Obama move this country forward . Plus it’s really telling that neither Mitt Romney nor Paul Ryan won their home states. God don’t like ugly! Lol”

Respect is what I truly want Obama to experience in this second term. There is nothing wrong whatsoever with disagreeing with any political figure. However, there is a very big problem when you hate someone. And it goes both ways. Did former President George W. Bush make the best decisions in the interest our country? No. Should he be as personally reviled as Satan? No he should not. At the end of the day Obama, just like Bush, is a human being with a loving family.

The level of disrespect Obama was shown during his first term was unprecedented in the history of American politics. Remember Rep. Joe Wilson shouting “you lie” at him during the joint session of Congress in 2009? How about the numerous inflammatory statements Donald Trump has made questioning his citizenship over the last several months (including a very hateful Twitter post following the election). And let’s not forget the about Gov. Jan Brewer who pointed her finger squarely in Obama’s face as he was coming off of Air Force One.

Today’s school lesson- How many times can you ever recall this kind of behavior happening to any sitting president in American history? If your answer is none then you get a sticker!!!

For the longest time, very few people on either side of the debate have wanted to admit what is obvious to anyone with a fifth grade education: much of the anti-Obama sentiment is based on the color of his skin.

This election has shown the true colors of a lot of people. And to be fair, I’ve seen a bunch of ignorant statements from blacks, whites, republicans and democrats today. It seems stupidity is an equal opportunity employer regardless of race, age, employment status or gender. Many of the comments I’ve read from educated people in my life have revealed a level of ignorance I did not want to believe existed in 2012. Perhaps the dumbest comment I’ve read was from a person I knew who bragged about not voting at all. That is something I’d dare not share with the world on social media. However, there has been the occasional bright light which profoundly speaks to the current situation facing America.  A friend of mine posted the following:

“I don’t understand why you have to be so hateful and disrespectful just b/c someone’s political views differ from yours. Especially people who claim to be a part of a party based on ‘Values’ and so called ‘Christian principles’. Leads me to believe that the root of the issue is just not ‘political’. Other things, such as prejudice, racism, and classism (don’t know if it’s a word but, oh well, I’m making it one now) just to name a few, have to be the root of the hate. Christianity is based out of love, not hate. People really need to re-evaluate themselves and really look at the stuff they’re saying.”

In a perverse way, I truly believe people get a kick out of blaming Obama for all of their problems. If gas prices are too high, blame Obama. If you show up late for work and get reprimanded by your boss, blame Obama. If the dog bites you, blame Obama. If you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and fall on your face, then it must be because of some super socialist plot Obama is scheming to take over the world. In fact, every bad thing that will happen in your life over the next four years will be the direct result of his man. We’re all doomed. Nooooo!!!!!

The next time you think of speaking ill towards Obama, take a second to honestly ask yourself what you hate him for? Allow yourself the opportunity to find the true answer because chances are it will be due to an issue you do not want to confront.

I sincerely believe Romney lost for the mere fact he failed to connect with the general public. When the vast majority of voters are people unlike yourself, you must do everything in your power to reassure them that you care about their everyday struggle. It really says something powerful about our nation that Obama won reelection in what was described by political pundits as the worst environment any incumbent president ever had to run in. Despite the goals he failed to achieve in his first term, voters still had enough faith in him to give him another try.

And for the record, I’ve never hated Romney. I actually think he’s a decent guy. I did think he was in over his head and didn’t have many good policies planned out, but not for a second did I think he was a bad person. If he were to win the race I will admit that I would’ve been a little bummed, but at the end of the day I would’ve accepted him as my president and prayed for him to make the right decisions. In a sense, I feel bad for him after he was openly repudiated (and quite rudely I might add) by members of Tea Party Patriots.  They blasted him in a statement earlier today that described Romney as a “weak moderate candidate.”

Obama is back in office. Though this is a time of celebration and depression (I believe so after some of the things I’ve read!) for many, I hope the next four years will mark a notable change in the level of respect Obama is shown across the board. His election is 2008 was the result of an historic moment in American politics and a promise of change. This go round, Obama clearly deserved the win and fought hard to get it. Regardless of your political affiliation, play your part by asking God to grant Obama and those in Congress with the wisdom and capability to make the decisions that will lead this country in the right direction.

Like it or not, he’s your president!

10 thoughts on “2012 Election Season Highlights Devisive Nature of American Politics Pt. 2”

  1. Great post and if I may share my feelings (I never link up my own stuff) on something I wrote the day before the election:http://freepennypress.wordpress.com/2012/11/06/arry-i-thank-you/

    And I read this really supportive post yesterday:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/michael-moore/morning-in-america_1_b_2089633.html

    Regardless of where people stand politically, this election should be a real eye opener (I know it is to the Republicans) as to how divided we are, the voices crying out to be heard and the people that really do want to roll up their sleeves and help this country prosper.

    1. The GOP is really having a civil war. Some are saying move to the middle; some to the right. I’ll just grab some popcorn and watch.

    2. I appreciate the links. You can link and post whatever you like Lynne. I felt like our posts captured the same spirit of Michael Moore’s blog on Huffington Post. Obama’s victory just wasn’t a win for him and the democratic party, it was a win over the hatred and bigotry that mired his first four years in office.

      Despite the fact his first term did not turn out exactly as we hoped it would, enough people still beleive in him to get this country back on track. Obama is one of those rare once in a generation type of historical figures and I’m glad he’s president during my lifetime.

      1. I wasn’t expecting a “big change’ from Obama. You see real change though push after push. It’ll take several elections like this before we see a ton of change.

  2. Jeuron, you are firing on all cylinders. Great blog. I have been saying the treatment Obama has been getting , pretty much since day one, as been due to racism . I mean, the birther movement, Trump’s nonsense, the Tea Party, etc, etc. I never seen a President so demonized like Obama. All Presidents take their lumps, but not like this one.

    As for what that person wrote on FB, I think he has a bit of a point. Yes. Christianity, and the Bible are about LOVE, and Redemption, not HATE. However, the GOP are the ones who talk about how “Christian” they are, yet, they spew out so much hate against the poor, minorities, women, etc. They fire up so much hatred against the ill, and the poor and the sick, the VERY people that Jesus came to help. I mean, He came to help EVERYONE, but you know what I am trying to say. I don’t understand how people can call themselves “Christian” and then make up signs showing Obama in a noose. Can you, Jeuron?

    My prayer for this great Nation is that the healing can begin.

    1. I can’t see how they could call themselves a true Christian with a straight face. I really feel as if this election was a victory over hatred. The tea party, birhters and all the other groups are just fancy names for a group of hardcore conservatives who hate the very ground Obama walks on because of the color of his skin. A white friend of mine was talking about how they are going to move to another country since Obama won. How crazy is that??

      1. People said the same thing about Bush winning in 2004, but that was due to Cheney more than Bush.

  3. I think Obama did make one mistake that cost him a ton of support. When he announced that Bin Laden had been killed, he should’ve said that statement and followed it up with “We’re all gonna get laid tonight!!!”, then walked off.

    Honestly, what has happened to him had been horrible and I hope he gets more common respect.

    1. Maybe your suggestion would’ve helped matters! We’ll find out soon enough if there is a notable change in Congress. I know for a fact there hasn’t been a change in Donald Trump’s attitude. He’s as delusional as ever.

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