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2012 Election Season Highlights Devisive Nature of American Politics

Being that the word politics is included as part of my blog’s tagline, I figure now is an appropriate time to talk ….politics. This upcoming election is important. Regardless of your beliefs or level of satisfaction of both candidates, you should exercise your right to have your voice heard.

I’m sure the majority of today’s water cooler chat was centered on last night’s town hall style debate. Immediately following the debate, several pundits on cable news and online media, who covered numerous debates dating back decades, said last night’s was unquestionably the most spirited in history.  Both President Obama and Governor Romney came out swinging hard. The general consensus is that Obama came out on top, but boy did he have to fight for the victory. Many felt it was the kind of performance he should’ve given in the first debate.

From what I saw of it I’d say Romney’s shining moment came in his criticism of Obama’s record on the economy and job growth. He painted a picture with pure facts that certainly gave one the impression that Obama made a lot of empty promises four years ago. If that’s the key issue he feels he can beat Obama on then he should stick with it.

Obama really came off best when discussing the recent events in Libya, specifically when it came to accepting full responsibility for last month’s attacks on the consulate that left four Americans dead. When pressed by Romney about his decision to attend a political fundraiser the day after the attacks, Obama gave a firm response that reaffirmed his status as an ideal commander in chief. Even the most skeptical critic must admit Obama is uniformly excellent across the board when it comes to addressing any issue dealing with national security.  He spoke with such conviction that I fully expect to hear the news of the deaths of the terrorists who perpetrated the attacks any day now. In that moment, Obama did what he’s always done best and that is use his superior oratorical skills to convey a genuine concern about the struggles the people of our country experience on a daily basis.

Despite the fact Obama won, a win he definitely needed coming off his previous subpar performance, the real story of the night was the sheer venom spewed by both candidates. There were numerous smart remarks, inappropriate interruptions and other things I never would’ve expected to see in a presidential debate. In many ways, both came off very unprofessionally. Even though I’m a Democrat, I take both men to task for their conduct last night. On the flipside, it did make for compelling television.

The fact of the matter is that from now until the election, both guys should play to their strengths. Obama should continue being an advocate for the hardworking middle class community.  He needs to reassure us that better days are on the horizon if selected for another term.

Romney should continue attacking Obama’s record on job creation and the economy. I feel it’s the one true area where he could best Obama.

Another topic I’d like to address is the overall polarization our country has experienced in this campaign. Actually, it’s been happening for a few years, but it seems it’s taken on epic proportions as of late, specifically when it comes to people I’m connected with on Facebook.

Back during the Republican National Convention, I posted a comment voicing my approval of the speech delivered by vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan. Keep in mind that I never once said I would vote for Romney or that I necessarily disliked Obama. I merely commended that man on what I thought was a fine speech with lots of valid points. The next morning I was greeted by a slew of negative comments from my friends on Facebook. Since most of my friends are Democrats, it was considered a sin to remotely like anything involving a Republican.  Every day, I read so many ignorant comments from people as it relates to politics. Even in the wake of the first presidential debate two weeks ago there were people who actually felt Obama won and that Romney did a terrible job. No matter what you think of Romney and the Republican Party, I don’t see how anyone could’ve come to the conclusion that Obama won that round.

Even today, I read multiple comments from people who found Romney’s interruptions of Obama as offensive. Yet I saw no contrary opinions offered about Obama doing the same. So many of the comments I’ve seen over the last several weeks are so immature in nature that I have a hard time believing they are coming from my peers. At times I think they were written by a third grader. It’s ok to dislike a candidate, but you don’t have to vilify them.

It pains me to me say, but I honestly believe that many Blacks (at least those in my Facebook universe) are supporting our president purely for the color of his skin. At the same time, there are those on the right who will reject anything Obama’s ever done based on the color of his skin. The ignorance needs to stop both ways.

If you’re a non-white who wants to vote for Romney, go for it. If you’re white and love Obama then more power to you. At the end of the day, vote for the candidate whose goals for this nation most closely aligns with your personal beliefs. Most important, we as citizens must pray for our elected leaders and ask that God grants them the wisdom to lead our country in the right direction.

May the best man win!

Where was the civility last night fellas???


8 thoughts on “2012 Election Season Highlights Devisive Nature of American Politics”

  1. Great post.. I have to say Mr Obama showed more respect Than Mitt but when he would hold his feet to the fire is when he did appear to be rude. This election is so difficult to maneuver (yes I too am a Democrat) with truths , lies and half truths I am going to pray on this vote. I know if i don’t vote for Obama I will not vote. Mr Romney wants to “Be” president, the star, not really do the job.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed your post as you wrote it from an unbiased point of view which is difficult to do .

    1. Thank you for reading Lynne! I’ve come along way in my political views in order to write something so unbiased. I do agree with you that there are a bunch of lies and half truths being told by both candidates because at the end of the day both men will do whatever it takes to get the vote. With that being said, I am leaning towards Obama. It’s amazing how toxic our political landscpae has become over the last four years.

      It’s time for people to stop being so blinded towards their political affiliations. If you look hard enough, you can find areas both parties need improvement in.

  2. Both men had their moments of unprofessionalism. However,I thought Obama won. I think there are both those who will criticize Romney no matter what, and there are those who will criticize Obama no matter what. Voting for either man because of race is racist. Sorry. It is. Maybe one day Dr. King’s dream of “judging men not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character” will be realized. We have come a long way though.

    If I showed you some of the stuff I have seen on both sides, Jeuron, you’d shake your head. Anyway, good blog. I don’t trust Romney with the economy honestly. You can’t run a country like a business. Too many people dependent on programs that Romney may cut. The economy is slowly recovery. Obama is not a miracle worker. 7.8% percent unemployment. Less than what Bush had it. Just saying.

    I also do not trust Romney with my medical decisions. I know you are very religious, and I am very religious. However, I am of a different Christian denomination (Episcopalian), and I do not want a Theocracy. I don’t want Romney and Ryan to attempt to run this country per their religious beliefs, and not by the Constitution. Constitution clearly states that there is Freedom of Religion, and Separation of Church and State.

    I feel that we are not in the 1950’s where women are chattle. As a female, I feel that I can make my own reproductive, and medical decisions. The Episcopal Church feels that abortion is between the woman, God, and the doctor. I personally do NOT approve of abortion as a birth control method or anything like that. I do feel that if a woman is raped (oh, and RAPE IS RAPE..none of this Adkins nonsense, or Ryan’s “Forcible rape,” or Linda McMahon’s “emergency rape”), or life is endangered, or incest, or whatever, she has a right to make that decision for herself, and her family or whatever. Government has to keep OUT.

    Same with birth control. This is 2012, and we women are still fighting for access to birth control. If people do not want to use birth control, then don’t use it. Simple. Let others make their own decisions. I don’t want a government, run mainly by MEN to tell females that they can not have access to birth control. The Pill is used for more things than sex such as acne, ovarian cysts, painful periods, and things.

    MEN’S privates are not being regulated, so why should women’s privates be regulated. Why, because women carry the kid? What about holding men responsible for helping to make the kid? The guy can skiddaddle, but the woman should be forced to have the moron’s kid that she may not want? If men’s privates are not regulated, then it should be the same for women.

    Equal pay: It is quite simple. IF I have the same qualifications, work experience, etc as a man, I should be paid the SAME MONEY as a man doing the same job. Period.

    Terri Bey
    PS. Adam Copeland now has a buzz cut. LOL He did it to annoy his twitter followers who are crying about him having short hair to begin with. LOL

  3. I also think we’ve become just so cynical about EVERYTHING. We move past events so quickly that nothing ever sticks. I was watching the debates on CNN due to the plus/minus focus group lines and it’s interesting to see what people think. It’s funny, because as bad as the 47 percent comment are and as good as getting Bin Laden is, whenever Obama would even mention it, he dipped. It’s like the country is saying, “That was sooooo last month!”. It doesn’t speak too well for voters in general. I’d like to see some things happen during future debates. Such as:

    1. Give the moderator a “mute” button in case somebody cuts in.

    2. More debates with longer times for answers.

    3. More focused debates, each concerning a topic. (1. spending, 2. economy, 3. war, 4. LGBT issues, 5. social issues, 6. healthcare, 7. energy, etc.)

    4. To show a friendlier atmosphere, have them do a song and dance number. Morman Choir vs. Motown!

    A big issue I do have is it’s just so easy to create a false equivalency today and people buy it. Nothing will ever get done as long as that stays.

    1. You bring up some good points. I think the only reason most people I know watched the debates was to jump all over the zingers and soundbites (binders full of women) that sound good in the media. It’s like they didn’t even watch for the real issues, they just watched for points to attack their least favorite candidate on.

      And a song and dance number would’ve been nice! Lol

      1. I can’t really blame people for being on the “Binders” line, because it was just odd. Between that and “Big Bird”, Romney’s not done a very good job at looking in-touch with most voters. Honestly, PBS was his best example of waste in the budget? It’s not, but that’s a whole other story.

        Concerning more ideas in the voting process, don’t have people vote on Tuesday. Make it a weekend. Have a bake sale. If I were in line, waiting to vote, I’d have a better mood if there were brownies around.

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