Mini Dreams are Building Blocks for the Big Ones

Dreams. For most of our lives, especially during childhood, we are endlessly told to pursue our dreams or do something that will take you in the direction of where you wish to wind up one day.

Of course, various factors in life (having children, work, unforeseen circumstances) often interfere and can ruin even the best of plans. When I entered college, I just assumed I would graduate in four years and then have some type of high paying job doing…something sort of unique. As I matriculated through college I began to discover I could write pretty well. Working on the student newspaper and getting great reviews from internships led me to believe that I was on the path to becoming the next great news reporter. The only problem was that I never really had the passion to write about news. It kind of reminds me of a current storyline from the latest season of Degrassi (I had to use one of my teen show references!). There is this hotshot hockey player named Campbell Saunders. He’s the rookie and the one with the more potential than any of his teammates. Most people assume that he loves hockey since it comes so naturally to him. Yet he suffers from constant low self esteem, panic attacks and winds up injuring himself just to get out of practice and have a normal life.

That’s kind of how I felt about news writing, particularly in my final year of college. I was on staff with the paper and just realized that I didn’t have the passion for it anymore. People would constantly commend me on my stories and in my mind I was thinking that I absolutely hated writing them.  I still loved writing, and always will, but from that day forward I knew deep in my heart that covering news wasn’t for me. Of course, I never told my parents that. But the neat thing was that working on the newspaper for so many years did teach me valuable tips about utilizing storytelling techniques to write across many platforms.  Those techniques would come in handy years later.

There is a bit of regret (not much) in me about not being committed to the newspaper lifestyle. So many of the former students I worked with on staff have gone on to do great things in the world of journalism. Heck, one of them even works for NBC Nightly News while another is an award winning reporter based in Charlotte, NC. I’m very happy for the level of success they’ve achieved.

Hold up! I know it seems like I skewed quite a bit from talking about dreams, but I’m about to bring it all together.

Even in this current phase of my life where I’m largely waiting to make my next serious career move, I’ve discovered that working in the professional wrestling industry would truly make me happy in life. And no I’m not talking about being a wrestler. Just like any other leagues, there are plenty of opportunities to be involved in the sport that don’t require the physical toll of wrestling. There are production people, writers that create the weekly storylines we see played out and a wide range of professionals in nearly every discipline imaginable. I searched the profiles of several WWE employees on LinkedIn and was amazed to find out how diverse their staff is. They come from all walks of life. There are employees that graduated from a four year institution and some that have their associate’s degree from a community college. There are also people who have worked extensively in the entertainment business.  There is even one person who worked as a waiter at a steakhouse before becoming employed by WWE. Who would’ve thought?

I’m not sure how I will begin networking or who I would even attempt to contact first, but I have to work in the pro wrestling business before I die. And if I can’t make it into WWE, then there is always TNA Wrestling. TNA is based in Nashville so it would be a lot better to move there than have to relocate to New York or Connecticut (where WWE is based).  Then again, there are numerous local independent wrestling promotions all across the country, with a ton of them being in North Carolina, that I could offer my services to in some capacity. Whether it’s the biggest company in existence or the smallest indy, I will be working with a wrestling promotion sooner than later.

In the meantime, I also plan on becoming a famous writer. Running this very blog is helping me turn that dream into a reality. This year I’ve had the chance to write a feature article for a regional literary magazine, have my work appear as a featured article on said publication’s blog and have even begun to write for publication on a somewhat regular basis at my job.

From 2010-2011, I worked as a staff writer at North Carolina A&T State University. That may have been the most important job in my life up to this point in time for the simple reason it gave me a tremendously huge platform to showcase my work. My primary responsibility was to write features for the alumni magazine. Keep in mind that magazine is distributed twice a year to over 40,000 alumni, students and friends of the university. That means over 40,000 people read my articles. That is mind blowing to me.

Even though I’m working as an office assistant, I’m currently in the process of working on four stories for the university’s development newsletter.

I’ve also weighed the possibility of writing about wrestling on a professional basis. Unfortunately, wrestling doesn’t offer the wide array of publications of other sports. You can go to any newsstand and see a plethora of NBA, NFL, NHL and MMA publications. There is only a handful about wrestling and the majority doesn’t really provide genuine coverage of the sport, rather they write about in an almost fictional manner.  I write about wrestling enough on this blog and for various websites that I can at least say I’m getting some good training for that line of work.

Even though I have large expectations for the things I want to achieve in my life, the fact of the matter is that I’m accomplishing quite a few of them. I may not have the recognition and paycheck commensurate with the greats, but I’m living quite an amazing life and am at least getting the opportunity to accomplish my dreams on a small time level.

I think most of us believe that dreams only become a reality once we reach the big stage. But every dream is a process that involves fulfilling a lot of mini dreams along the way.

I should probably learn to be thankful for this phase of my life because I have a feeling my life won’t always be as low key and relaxing as it is today.  I think the same could be said for any serious dreamer reading this.


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