Honoring God in my Blog

This morning in church my pastor made a statement about how your career, business and overall plans in life will only flourish after you incorporate God into them. What he meant by this is that we as people often try to make everything work ourselves instead of trusting in God and allowing him to do the work for us. Of course, any person with a dream should do the necessary work to make that dream into a reality. However, I do agree there are certain doors of opportunity that only the favor of God can open.

I want my blog and writing career to become as successful as possible, so from here on out I will be incorporating more things about my faith into this blog. The usual content that you all have come to expect from me won’t change, but you will see an increase of posts dealing with my belief in God.

I would like to reiterate that I am far from perfect and I make mistakes on a daily basis, but I sincerely do strive to be a better Christian and well rounded individual. The way I see it, if you enjoy reading my posts about wrestling, writing advice, inspiration, anime and the other various topics, then you should definitely enjoy my Christ-centered content. Right?

Am I saying that my blog will be an overnight success? Who knows. But I have to believe that God will somehow supernaturally bless the work I put into this since I’ve taken out the time to acknowledge him (and will continue to do so).

I’d like to close out by sharing a scripture that pretty much sums up my entire thought process. It can be found in Proverbs 3:6, “In all your ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct your paths.”

Have a good day folks!


2 thoughts on “Honoring God in my Blog”

  1. I love the idea, and I also love the picture of the article you have about writing. I used to struggle with my writing and Christianity and wondered how the two could go hand in hand. Glad you are making that happen for you, and thanks for the inspiration.

    1. Thank you so much and you are quite welcome Angela. I’m always happy to meet like minded bloggers as yourself. Please keep in touch so we can continue to encourage and help each other out in our writing.

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