Just Hand Me The Check

After  last week’s turbulence, I have a clearer picture of my role at work. Instead of being used primarily as an office assistant, I will now process checks. Officially, my job description will remain that of an office assistant, but the bulk of my responsibility will deal with the processing of checks.

It’s a new role which I will admit I’m kind of nervous about. Processing checks is an important part of Advancement Services, the part of the division which deals with the handling of gifts that come to the university. From what I’ve experienced from those involved, it’s a very tedious task. In other words, you have to be very accurate in everything you do. That is true for any job dealing with finances.

Of course, anything involving money means there will be some form of math involved. That part did worry me since I’ve tried my best to avoid as much math as possible (trigonometry was a nightmare for me in college). Most of what I’ll be doing will consist of basic business math, so I don’t envision it being that bad.

I had some training earlier this week with the person I’m replacing (the guy who is going off to grad school) and all I can say is that it felt like I was in school again. It made me feel good when he reassured me it was okay for me to not understand everything off the bat. Next week, the person in charge of gift processing, who I will now work more closely under, will be training me.

While part of me is anxiously awaiting the new challenge, I am experiencing a sense of excitement over the new opportunity.

I recently read a great career article on how to become more marketable in the workplace. The gist of what I got from it was that an employee should never limit themselves to doing one particular task. The best employees, as well the ones who receive the most career advancement, are those who constantly find new ways to improve upon their skill set. The way I see it, all the varied experiences I’m learning at my job will go a long way towards making me into a better-rounded professional. That way I will be able to apply to better jobs with better pay so that I will be able to provide more for my family someday. That is the goal.

Everything happening to me right now will have a very big impact on my future. That is the reason why I’ve always learned to be thankful for every phase of my life. Whether I experience something good or bad, it’s eventually helping me get to the place where I need to be.

Even though I desire a writing-related job, I can’t say I’m completely upset with how my career has turned out. After all, if writing is the only thing I can do well, then I would be of no use to anyone.


2 thoughts on “Just Hand Me The Check”

  1. That is wonderful Jeuron! I’m glad to hear things are going so well you of all people definately deserve it! Best wishes and I know you’ll do just fine.

    1. Thanks Brandie!!! I’ve been learning alot the past few days and still have a ways to go. Thankfully, the lady I’m working under is extremely patient. Lol.

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