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Happy Fourth of July– Hulk Hogan Style

Happy Fourth of July everyone!!!! What better way to celebrate than with a good dose of 80s nationalism courtesy of Hulk Hogan. It’s a bit cheesy, but it gets the point across. This was Hulk Hogan’s WWF theme song, which President Obama used during one of his campaign rallies in 2008. Enjoy!


2 thoughts on “Happy Fourth of July– Hulk Hogan Style”

  1. Haha..Mr Hogan lives a mere 20 miles from me.. if I see him I’ll tell him you said Hi-Lo!!!
    happy 4th to you!

    1. That would be awesome Lynne!!! And hope you have had a great 4th as well. I just came back in from the big fourth of July festival they have every year in Greensboro and it was real fun. I was content to just stay home and do nothing, but my friends persuaded me to go. Glad I did!

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