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Dolph Ziggler– A Deserving Main Event Talent

It’s no secret that Dolph Ziggler is among the top performers in WWE. This Sunday, live on pay-per-view, the former Spirit Squad member will get a shot at the WWE  World Championship when he faces Sheamus at No Way Out. Like most great things in wrestling, this match was not planned in advance.

I’ve always believed in the expression that one man’s misfortune is another man’s opportunity. That was the exact predicament Ziggler found himself in after Alberto Del Rio, the original challenger to Sheamus, was recently diagnosed with a concussion. It was widely speculated throughout the weekend that Ziggler would likely get the shot, but WWE has a tendency to not give fans what they want for fear of being predictable. Not only did he become the #1 contender, but he did so in grand style by winning a spectacular elimination match (minus Great Khali’s brief participation). Even better, the fans were solidly behind Ziggler as the match progressed.  The final minutes with him and Christian were as hot as any match on Monday Night Raw in a long time.

Ziggler and Sheamus are certain to have a great match. Ziggler has the mentality of going all out in every performance and Sheamus is no slouch in the ring either.

Do I expect Ziggler to win the belt on Sunday? I am not sure. It seems that the company is focused on giving Sheamus a lengthy run on top and I’m all for giving stability to the major championships. Even though I’m not the biggest fan of current WWE champion C.M. Punk, I do look at him in a different light since he has held the belt for nearly eight months. A reign for that long is a rarity in the current era of frequent title switches.

The company is also intent on getting Del Rio into the main event spotlight and it may very well be possible that Sheamus will move directly back into a feud with him. However, it would not totally surprise me if Ziggler were to win. If anything, he deserves it based on traditional wrestling booking. He has lost to Sheamus approximately 100 times in their matches this year on Raw and Smackdown. Okay, that is a slight exaggeration, but you get the drift. Sheamus will not gain anything in beating Ziggler once again, even in a fantastic match.

Regardless of the outcome Ziggler needs to come out of the match with a consistent push near the top of the card. With various wrestlers being suspended for an assortment of reasons along with injuries that frequently plague the roster, WWE should reward a talent like Ziggler for his consistent hard work and dedication to his craft.

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4 thoughts on “Dolph Ziggler– A Deserving Main Event Talent”

  1. Hi. Great job. It is about time Ziggler gets a REAL chance for the World Title. Sorry, his ten minute reign was a JOKE. It made him and Edge look silly. Any way, I hope that maybe this will start something for Ziggler. I like him alot and he deserves a shot.

    1. Yes it was so bad that I barely remember it happening. If I dont remember then I know the casual fan has no idea he was ever a world champion!!!

    1. Thanks for reading Jonah! I really liked your post. You brought up some very valid points. I have a few things I would like to address about them:

      I agree there has always been a glass ceiling in WWE. However, I believe the ceiling is more so imposed by Vince McMahon and the creative team than the wrestlers themselves. I certainly don’t believe guys like Foley, Edge, Jericho, Mysterio or Guerrero ever held down anyone. In fact, those guys were on the receiving end of more backstage politics than they ever were in the position of holding others back. They had to fight and claw their way for everything they ever achieved in the business unlike others that were given preferential booking and repeated chances to be a top guy (HHH, Orton and Cena).

      For instance, even though Mysterio is one of the top merchandise sellers and a former 2x world champion, WWE has never truly given him the ball to run with as being the top star on Smackdown. We all know that his size has always been the holdup. I’m not sure if you watched Raw last week, but there was a very telling moment that occurred backstage between Vince and Daniel Bryan where Vince basically buried him and told him that no one would recognize who he was if he were out in public buying groceries. It was sickening.

      There has been more of a concentrated push to elevate Punk, Bryan and Sheamus into the main events. I think the company is fully behind Punk and Sheamus, whereas Bryan is very close. Despite the fact Punk has had the belt for eight months, his programs still play second fiddle to Cena’s. Punk is the champ, but Cena is positioned as the true main eventer.

      Fans have a right to not take Ziggler seriously. After the way he’s been booked this year, I would not have much faith in him being able to beat Sheamus (especially since Sheamus has beaten him like a drum). As ironic as it sounds, the horrible booking of Ziggler is the only reason why I think he has a remote chance of winning tonight. Vince and the writers have to realize that another loss to Sheamus could cause irrevocable damage to his career.

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