New Job+New Mentality+Regular Dose of Writing= Improved Quality of Life

Hi everyone. I hope every mother had a great Mother’s Day. Mothers truly make the world go round and it is my sincerest wish that you all were treated to a day of luxury on last Sunday. Even after children reach adulthood a mother’s job never ends.

This has been a good week so far. Not a ton of action, but it’s been enjoyable nonetheless.  I’m officially in the midst of the “Jeuron Dove Farewell Tour.” Or at least that’s what I envision this week becoming. If you read my latest post then you know I was blessed with a new job. I start next Monday and I made it very clear to my boss at my part-time job that I would likely not be returning. Even though my new job is a weekday 9-5, I could still choose to work Fridays and weekends. After thinking it over I decided it would be in my best interest to leave entirely. During my last stint at A&T I felt like I didn’t have a life outside of work. I want to be able to work just ONE job and enjoy the fruits of my labor. I truly believe some people work so much that they don’t enjoy life. It’s no need in making all the money in the world if you never have the time and energy to enjoy it with the ones you care about.

I’ve been saying my goodbyes at work all week long. I’m not too big on goodbyes so this is especially weird for me. It’s been very gratifying to see all the positive attitudes my coworkers have shown as I’ve shared the news with them. They are so happy to see me move on to something better and the same sentiment has even been expressed by customers.

As I was leaving out of work Monday I was telling another of my close coworkers about my last day and a customer overheard us. As I was walking to my car that customer stopped and asked me about my job and congratulated me. It always feels good to know you’re appreciated by the people you work with and work to serve. I work today through Friday and hopefully I’ll get the chance to see the remaining coworkers I haven’t had a chance to say goodbye to.

This is a huge shift for me personally. In times past I always had the mindset of hanging onto Food Lion for as long as I possibly could even if I had another job. But this time around it was quite easy to make the decision. I’m not as worried as I was in years past to leave since I still live in Reidsville and will continue to shop at that store so it’s not like I will never see my friends again. However, it will be a big adjustment to not see them on a daily basis, especially since my latest stint (since my last job ended in July) at Food Lion has been the one where I’ve developed the closest relationships with my coworkers.

A lot of thoughts have been swirling through my head in anticipation of next week. For my future success I really need to do two things: ask questions and keep writing.

A big part of the reason I failed in my previous role at A&T (aside from my boss being nuts) was because I developed a fear of asking for help. My boss would make me feel stupid for asking a question, yet she always encouraged me to ask them if I didn’t understand anything. It got to the point where I didn’t bother asking for help with anything because I figured I’d mess things up one way or another. I know that may appear to be a strange mindset to have, but working for a person who has zero confidence in you will do that.

I won’t fall into that same trap this time around. If I don’t understand something I will seek out help and do my best to understand the situation so that a similar circumstance won’t occur. I don’t believe there is anything wrong with making mistakes. It only becomes a problem when you make the same ones repeatedly.

I will also continue to write vigorously. I was by no means doing as much personal writing as I am now (blogging, submitting works to publications and entering contests) during my last two stints of full-time employment. In fact, I don’t think I did any. My old mindset during that timeframe was that I worked my 40 hours a week and felt like I was entitled to do nothing but relax once I got home. Making that mistake again could be fatal to my progress as a writer. Regardless of how intense my job may get, I must always continue to keep a regular schedule of writing. My writing really took off in quality and popularity over the last nine months and I would hate to lose my edge and see my blog fall into oblivion as a result of laziness.




2 thoughts on “New Job+New Mentality+Regular Dose of Writing= Improved Quality of Life”

  1. Jeuron, you know you will be missed (by me especially) at Food Lion, but life is calling! And I’m so glad you are making that promise to yourself to keep up your writing in addition to the full-time job. P.D. James worked for years as a secretary before becoming a best selling author. Writing is such a part of you, so write just for the love of the words. Congratulations on your new job. I hope it is an adventure. My thoughts and prayers are with you, my dear one.

    1. Thanks so much Lisa! I was just talking to my girl about how much I’m going to miss all of you and I’m not sure if I will be able to emotionally make it through my last two days of work. Almost everyone at our store has made such a positive impact on my life and it’s going to be hard not seeing you all (you in particular) on a daily basis.
      I owe it to myslef and people like you to continue writing. I made that mistake last time and I have too much to lose by repeating it. My writing will continue to improve and I beleive I will be a much better writer, with some stronger credentials to my name, by the end of this year.
      Food Lion was a nonstop adventure which lasted for five years. I have a feeling this job will be quite the adventure as well with the cast of characters I’m working with. Love ya:-)

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