A Random Act of Kindness to a Mother


The following is a status update I just posted on my Facebook page:

“I just came back from the dollar store. As I was shopping, there was this mother and her son on my aisle. I didn’t know the woman at all, but I wished her a happy Mother’s Day on tomorrow and her face lit up with excitement. She was so thankful that a total stranger took out the time to tell her that. You never know how much a random act of kindness could impact someone. I encourage everyone to try that with at least one mother you see today as you’re running your daily errands and watch how much better it makes you, and that mother, feel.”



2 thoughts on “A Random Act of Kindness to a Mother”

  1. Once a month ( sometimes more) I always do random acts of kindness..I have surprised young guys @ the gas pump and filled their tank, gave a young mother $20 last week as she went in the grocery store, I read to a blind gentleman , etc. We must give in order to receive.
    Very proud of you and waving a high-five at ya all the way fro FLA!!!!

    1. Yes Lynne!!!!! It’s so cool of you to do things like that. I’m really going to start thinking of some ways that I can be a blessing to others on a daily basis. It feels great when you help others.

      And I can feel your high-five:-)

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