Happy Monday!

I want to wish everyone a happy Monday. As you go about your daily activities be sure to execute them in cheerful manner. My hope for everyone is that today sets the tone, in a positive way, for the rest of your week. Bad things may happen, but I promise your week will turn out better if you keep an optimistic attitude.

I also hope everyone enjoyed their weekend. I must say this past weekend was one of the more eventful ones I’ve had in a long time. I mainly spent the majority of it with my girlfriend and her family/friends. I think my body has officially caught itself up from the level of sleep it lost on Saturday!

Before I go, I’d like to share some good news. Yesterday, I came upon a police roadblock. It was a simple driver license check. After I handed my license to the officer he quickly glanced over it and asked where my eyeglasses were. That question caught me off guard since I haven’t worn eyeglasses in years. He pointed out on my license that I had a restriction for wearing corrective lenses. Then I had a momentary mental flashback of how I did have to get an eye exam when I went to renew my license two years ago.

I told the officer that I had completely forgotten and he told me he would overlook it. He said he could’ve given me a ticket, but told me he wouldn’t since he was the only officer on duty at the time. He then returned my license and told me to have a blessed day (and to keep a pair of eyeglasses in my car at all times until the restriction is removed). I don’t know if I can ever recall an officer telling me to have a blessed day, but I certainly did after that. It’s always great when you don’t have to give away your hard earned money to the state.

This morning I was thrilled to discover a new fan of my blog. I was going through my junk e-mail when I came across a message from a person who recently read my blog. They told me how much they enjoyed the content and encouraged me to keep up the good work. So I will!

I will be attending tonight’s live taping of WWE Monday Night Raw from the Greensboro Coliseum. I got my tickets weeks ago and am looking forward to the show. WWE only comes to Greensboro once a year and I’ve attended each of their shows since 2009. I’m super excited because this will be my second live Raw taping. I’ve been to five house shows (non-televised events) and a Smackdown taping. The last live Raw I went to in Fayetteville was extremely boring, plus I had terrible seats and could hardly see anything. I’m super excited about the show since my girlfriend is going with me. She’s not that into wrestling, but I have a strong feeling she will enjoy the overall experience.

Take care folks and have a super day.


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