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John Cena: A Champion in the Ring, A Champion in Life

John Cena has been the franchise player of WWE for nearly eight years. He’s won numerous world titles, sold tons of merchandise, and is the guy who literally carries the weight of the entire company on his shoulders. On tomorrow evening at Wrestlemania 28 he will compete against Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson in what will likely end up being the biggest match of his career.

Regardless of who wins the match, Cena has certainly earned his status as one of the biggest stars of the past decade in wrestling. While he may not have the star power of a Rock, Hulk Hogan or Steve Austin, he’s right beneath that level. He has the most unique charisma of anyone in wrestling as he’s the only wrestler I’ve seen who gets cheered and booed by the audience, quite passionately, at the same time. It will likely wind up as his professional legacy that there has never been such a polarizing figurer in the 130 plus year history of  professional wrestling. Part of the reason as to why he’s despised by a large portion of the fan base is because he’s not seen as being on the same level as the stars of yesteryear. Those same fans believe he’s the representation of everything that’s wrong with the current WWE product.

However, there is another part of Cena’s legacy that fans may not be aware of. When he’s not punishing opponents between the ropes, he spends a large portion of his time outside of it putting a smile onto the faces of kids through his involvement in the Make-A-Wish Foundation. The nonprofit organization grants wishes to children (2 ½ to 18 yrs.) with life threatening illnesses.

Cena has granted more wishes than any other celebrity in the 31 year history of the organization. When the final chapter is written in the book of Cena’s legendary career, this fact should stand above all else. More than his impressive list of accomplishments in the squared circle, he will undoubtedly go down as one of the most selfless men to compete in what has historically been a very selfish business. Whether you like wrestling or not, there is something everyone can find enjoyable about the following video clip.

Writer’s Note: This post was originally written in the days leading up to Wrestlemania, hence why I’m discussing Wrestlemania as if it hadn’t happened.


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