Everyday Experiences That Can Sap Your Joy

In September I wrote a blog post about the Simple (and funny) Pleasures in Life. It was a way to show, through everyday events, some of the really great things about life we may take for granted. It also showed that regardless of how bad things may get, there will always be positive things to balance it out.

Since writing that I always wanted to do a similar piece about the everyday things that can cause you tonot be happy, or become plain upset! I  hope you will find some humor in these. The following are typical things many of us experience on a regular basis. Always remember that good times are bound to come sooner than later.

  • Waiting at the ATM and the person in front of you is either taking their precious time, or withdrawing every cent from their account.
  • The feeling you get when listening to the alarm clock ring.
  • Going to class only to find out that your instructor is absent and they failed to leave a note or e-mail to the class. So you have to find something to do around campus for the next couple of hours until your next course starts. This really sucks if you drive a long distance to campus.
  • Working in a grocery store and having customers complain to you about the rising cost of food as if you’re the one responsible for the prices going up.
  • Having any major car problems. It’s always a pain to spend money on repairing a car.
  • Waking up super early for a Black Friday sale only to discover they’ve given out all the tickets for the item you so desperately wanted.
  • The feeling in the pit of your stomach when the teacher informs you (if you’re a shy person) that you will be giving a presentation to the class.
  • Discovering you were tagged in an embarrassing Facebook photo.
  • Your favorite team losing a big game (everyone can realte to this with March Madness going on).
  • Not being able to find something when you REALLY need it. Any other time, the item is normally in plain sight!
  • You have to jot down an important note only to find that every pen at your disposal is out of ink.
  • Going into a room in your home only to forget what you came into that room for (this has happened tome quite often as of late).
  • Dealing with rude customers at work. It’s like some of them are automatically programmed to ruin your day.
  • One of my biggest gripes is that whenever I buy myself some fast food, those are the nights when my parents usually tend to cook. I bought some McDonald’s after leaving work the other day and later that evening my Dad came home with fried chicken for everyone. Felt like I wasted my money. Lol.
  • Having a conversation with a longwinded person. You try your best to wrap up the conversation while not being too rude, but they still don’t catch on.
  • Discovering a mailbox full of bills. That can certainly put a damper on your day.
  • For guys, having a great relationship with a female friend and you’re ready to tell her how you really feel, only to discover the girl wants to just be friends, or worse, they only view you as a “brother.”


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